WoT Blitz Clan Wars News

-In the left menu of the game, a new button will appear, named „Clans”.

-You can create a clan for credits, but it will be quite expensive – it will cost a million credits. If not, you can always use gold.

-In order to create a clan, you have to possess at least a tier V tank in the garage.

-The process of creating a clan does not differ at all from the WoT PC, the only bonus is that you can control the clan from the game client (not from the site, like in WoT PC).

-A clan invitation can be sent as easily as a platoon invite (!), just go to the profile of the player and throw him an invitation.

-Demo accounts can enter clans, but not create them.

-It is said that clan wars was implemented in order to rally the players to build a strong team.

-In the future, the developers promise to implement the so-called „clan squads”, comprised of 7 people, while they will only fight against the same type of platoons.