Speculation: The Sovyetskiy Soyuz Class.

From Redditor kgskippy10.

As i was bumbling around without power a few nights ago, I opened up one of my naval books and stumbled upon, what is quite possibly, one of the few actual Soviet battleship designs, the Sovyetskiy Soyuz class.

Little bit of history first, everyone knows that the Soviets were very limited by what they could and could not produce with anything involving the navy because of their true lack of warm water ports. Regardless, the design for the Soyuz class was presented and authorized in 1938 to build three ships of the class. The ship’s blueprints were based off of several designs from several navies, as Stalin had sent his agents to purchase the blueprints of the USN, Italian Navy, and German Navy. However, because of the war, and the lack of resources that could be allocated for the design of these vessels, none were ever completed, even though they were laid down.

The end result blueprints (though none of these were tested/added because of the war ended up being a very large warship. The overall length was to be 271m and displace around 59,000 tons. Beam was approximately 39 meters and the draught was approximately 10 meters. With three turbo electric boilers, the ship could [produce 231,000 sph and could theoretically reach a top speed of 28 knots.

The armaments is where it gets interesting. The Soyuz class was to be outfitted with 9 405mm guns, likely in three triple turrets. Secondary armaments consisted of 12 150 mm guns, 8 100mm guns and 32 37 mm guns. The main guns on the Soyuz class were the same size as the Iowa’s and could be considered something that would be able to dish out similar damage considering some of the blueprints for the ship came from the US, although the ship ends up resembling more of a larger version of the Italian Vittorio Veneto class.

as to how it would all translate to the game? Well, i think it should be obvious that the ship would end up being a tier nine. It might not be as fast as the Iowa class because of its added weight, but the firepower would put it right into that slot. Additionally, I assume (though i don’t have actual blueprints) that the ship would end up being a fair bit more heavily armored than an Iowa, considering its larger displacement. Now, can i guess where all the armor would be or exact numbers? No, but I’m sure Wargaming has some sources that they were presented with the blueprints that would give them more exact numbers. Based on the Wikipedia article (which i didn’t sue for this because unreliable), the class had devoted more of its weight to armor protection than the Yamato class did with armor accounting for ~23,000 tons.

When it is all said and done, for balance, the ship would end up being a slower more well armored tier nine battleship. It will likely have ok dispersion and accuracy, as well as ark and shell travel time. The gun characteristics for penetration ad damage shouldn’t be too far off what is on the Iowa, but i would assume there would be some changes considering it is a different nations guns.

Here is an image to hopefully get you guys a feel of how the ship would look:

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