Return of the E-100

Some of you might already heard of the Australian guys that are trying to build a live scale E-100. After quite a long time, they made a status update on their Facebook page, letting everyone know what’s up.

Let me quote them: ” Hello!
It’s been some time since our last update so here’s what’s been happening:
-After some time and much confusion between the company WarGaming, we’ve finally made contact with them again, they’ve also been receptive to the idea of providing support. However we’re awaiting a further reply to get confirmation and begin the contracting process.

– We’ve had a big opportunity regarding a permanent residence for our build and assembly site, along with (possibly) our company and museum HQ. Of course the latter being much later down the track, but this land looks fantastic and I’ll likely have pictures for you soon! Once confirmed, we’ll share details, however for now the rough location is central QLD, Australia.

– Currently our focus is on hiring experienced metal fabricators and engineers of various types. These individuals will partake on the physical build along with providing training courses for those with basic training in metalworks. Not only is this a way for us to thank you for helping us with the build, it also gives you the skills to continue doing great things within the trade, possibly further construction/restoration work? But that part’s a secret.
Any individuals interested in this program, contact the page directly and I’ll be happy to chat with you about details!

– Our next priority is raw material, and plenty of it. We’ll be hoarding as much heat-treated steel as possible and readying it for fabrication into tank parts! Having the location confirmed was a big step towards this, as this gives us a place to store said metal and begin the slow steps to shaping the hull.
As always, if you’re an entity or represent one who has access to said metal, feel free to contact us. We’re always open to donations and are more than happy to sponsor your company name in a variety of ways.

– Recently a few individuals have doubted the integrity of the project and our funding platform. I can understand how it might seem like an impossible task, however my team and I are determined to make it a reality. This page and our crowd-funding page is for those who are interested in the project and the vehicle we’re constructing, along with those willing to donate, if you’re unsure about donating, we urge you to ask questions, or simply wait for a while. Especially for these early preparation stages the donations are aimed at tank/history enthusiasts, people who know us personally and company entities.

As always if you have any questions, leave them below. We urge you to look over previous Q&A posts before posting though.

Thanks guys! We’re all really excited. ”

We are (at least I am) really excited as well. I hope this works out for them and that Wargaming will give their full support, so that we can all see how this beast should have looked like on the front. It’s going to be an interesting one, I bet.

However, they do have a problem. Quite a bad one, actually, since nothing in this world comes free, unfortunately. Currently they are trying to raise money for their project and they’re looking for help. Here is their FundRazr link, you can also find more info about the project there as well.