Confirmation of an earlier Q&A.

About the Q&A that had DirectX 11, 12 and the ASU-85 in it, another blog regarded it as fake. But the information is indeed, real.

What the official Russian source, FTA said (translated by BravoBigBoom, thanks):

„As we can see, our foreign friend (Seb: NOT MY BLOG, they have not heard of it) has written an article, she said we fooled our readers with a piece of info showing that support for DirectX 11 will appear within the next 2 patches – being fake, but lets put this in order:

First off –> There is no way that we made a statement about the release in the 2 next patches. It was an unfinished question asked to Storm, and he responded quickly, saying that there will be no ETA.

Second –> Most of the info from particular sources is not final unless confirmed to be implemented by WG directly. Oh, speaking about this, let us remember the lampshade hanging from December 2013 when the developers promised an early release of new physics and Havok.

Third –> All of the info is obviously from an insider, and we disclosed the contents. We cannot assure the certainity of the information, even if you pocketed $200 (Seb: I guess that they are talking about her Patreon, where she says that she wastes peoples money on cat food), this information will become verified sooner or later.”