Is World of Warships going to launch with a wrapper for Mac, or will one be developed later? – Cruiser_NewOrleans

  • Andrey Lysak: Wrapper will be the first solution, but it’s hard to give exact date of this feature.

Will there be more game modes? Can you reveal anything here, even if it’s just ideas? – Blueman47910

  • Andrey Lysak:Yes, we want to make more modes, of course. I’m sure that conveys will be released in appropriate time. Defending/attacking ground constructions are in our backlog too. And we have a plenty of ideas, some of them will be developed and released.
  • Danny: We are not giving any exact days but we really want to deliver more modes and are working on it. Though this is a very complicated thing, so there are no ETAs right now.

What sort of support can we expect to be added for teams/clans in the near future? What sort of meta-game or team competition is planned to be added before launch? – Banditman

  • Andrey Lysak:Clans support (with clan game-play) will be added at this year, almost 100%. I can’t expand on meta-game design, it is not finalized yet, but our basic idea is adding 3 layers of clan game-play: simple clan game-play (basic, simple, funny, socializing); middle level (more immersive, harder, more competition, more time and bigger reward); and high level clan game-play (very high level with politics, influence, alliances, most powerful and fully rewarded). Sorry, no dates available yet.And we don’t forget about solo gamers: we want to add fully support of high level another game-play and meta-game for solo players too.
  • Danny:Please avoid 100% statements :), otherwise Andrey is correct.

Will players be able to join separate clans for WoWS and World of Tanks? – CoolBreeze63

  • Andrey Lysak:Yes.

Are we going to see weather implemented any time soon? Rain, rough water, fog? – ezrynn

  • Andrey Lysak:  Possible in future – yes. A lot of technical, game-play and performance issues here, we made some prototypes, working on it.

What would you say is the most difficult challenge for the development of World of Warships? – Final Spark

  • Andrey Lysak:balance between game-play and historical issues, simplicity for new players and complexity for masters. It was the reason for game redesign 1 year before, and now it is in good condition. But, of course, we should make a lot of additional work to make this balance really perfect.
  • Danny: There are not that many ship themed games on the market, so we had to design many things from the ground up without having a proper reference. While dealing with such complex entities as ships it is very easy to fall into an extremely hardcore space, so we had to look for a proper balance.

Can you give us any information about the Russian, German, and Great Britain the tree? Will we be seeing the Bismarck soon? – dakor921

  • Danny: Now that we have finalized US and IJN release fleets  we will start working on new trees of other nations. You can expect us to add some more stuff before the end of this year.

Is there any chance of seeing some beautiful ships from countries that only had a few capital ships? Such as the French Richelieu, Dunkerque, or the Italian Littorio? – Sylentlight

  • Danny:Sure, is possible, though it may not be that easy and fast. Ships are very difficult to produce :(. It could take up to 6 months of total manpower to produce a Battleship for example. But we are trying our best to deliver as much and as interesting content as possible.

How are the developers focusing on client optimization? Some recent patches have introduced performance issues for some people, like longer loading times, are we focusing on those issues? – StephenHopkins

  • Andrey Lysak:It is continuous process. Next patch will be better and we’ll do our best to continue this positive trend.

In NA, players had a suggestion for ship cats—cats have historically been on ships as both morale and also to keep food stores safe from rats. Is there any chance of a having a “ship cat” that adds a bonus to the ship? Maybe has a career path and perks like a commander? – nuttybiscuit

  • Andrey Lysak:It’s funny idea, we discuss about it sometimes. It’s possible we’ll release something like this, because it is really nice, but it will be in future, when the core of game and meta-game will be polished.

What role do the developers want carriers to play in the game right now? – cw1204772

  • Danny:It’s a little bit hard to tell what is the class role of a particular class in Random battles, as the majority of players are not playing as a team, and it is extremely hard to make sure that 12 random players play together. Carriers shine in a smaller and well organized team. Carrier is the eyes first of all, the team that dominates the skies has all the information at hand to counter any tactics the opposing team tries to perform.

There are a lot of biplanes in the game, but higher-tier carriers were meant to carry planes like the F6Fs, Corsairs, and Hellcats. Will we be seeing these planes? – WanderingGhost

  • Danny:Possible in the future

Will we be able to select HE and AP bombs for Dive Bombers in the future? – MikeHuntz

  • Danny: Yes, currently all bombers use only HE bombs, there are not AP bombs in the game right now.

Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bombers are often defenseless without a fighter squadron. Will there be any way to make them able to survive better, such as having weapons of their own, like rear gunners? – Thraintar

  • Andrey Lysak:They have rear turrets right now (it works then fighter attack your bombers) and they already killed a lot of enemy fighters.
  • Danny:Hear hear Andrey. 040 brings an additional commander perk that improves the rear guns effect.

Will the experience mechanic for CVs with a fighter load-out be adjusted? Players have found they seem to get less XP than that of a bomber loadout. – PPH402

  • Andrey Lysak:We are tune this according to statistics. So, possibly, it will be increased. But maybe – no.

How does World of Warships determine how much credits and experience to award from battle? – Pennswood

  • Andrey Lysak: The main sources of this resources are damage and frags. Additionally you can earn credits and experience from planes, capture and defend points. So, kill’em all!

Are we going to get more crew members than the commander? – Flamadiddle

  • Danny:There is a possibility for this, but not in the nearest future, we will be finalizing and expanding the current commanders feature for quite a while.

What balance changes, if any, are being made to torpedo spotting range? Will the range be reduced? – Ethrenmax5

  • Danny: It was reduced in a recent update, we are monitoring the data on how much DDs are doing damage with their torpedoes, and currently they are extremely tight with other classes with that regard.

Will we get the Akitsu Maru as a premium IJN carrier? – Takeda992

  • Pavel Kayun: We do not have final decision on this yet.