WoWS – Guide to replacing flags on ships.

Author: ZurichianAnimations (Reddit)

So I just figured out how to change the flags on ships. Here is an example I just made.

The software I used was was Photoshop along with the Nvidia filter tools which allowed me to open and save dds files. If you can find another image editing tool which is capable of opening and saving dds files then that will work too. But the settings I will be showing are from Photoshop. This is also assuming World of Warships is installed to the default directory.

Edit: also opens and saves dds files. Thanks /u/AlphaFoxtrot001 for pointing that out.

Guide for replacing them with a texture someone else made.

Here is a link to download the one I made.

This is what it looks like if you were to open it in photoshop.

Step 1: Backup the file in this folder to some other location so you still have the original.


Step 2: Just replace the existing flags .dds file you download into the folder mentioned above. It must be named It is case sensitive; luckily its straightforward and all lowercase. Enjoy your new flag on your ship.

Guide to making or replacing a flag yourself.

Since these use .dds files, you may not have access to a program that can open them. If so, you might be able to ask someone else who can to make it for you.

If you are using photoshop, you need to install the nvidia plugin. You can get that here.

Now that you have that installed, lets begin.

Step 1: Open in C:GamesWorld_of_Warshipsrescontentgameplaycommonflags

It will look like this.

Step 2: Place the image you want to use over the existing flag you want to replace in the “” file. It’ll now look something like this. Make sure its down to the exact pixel or it will be cut off. If it doesn’t fit perfectly you can distort it a little or crop off the excess pixels. The size of the main flags is 140×103 if you’re creating one from scratch. Also keep in mind that each of the flags have a vertical line of grey 3 pixels wide on the first pixels to the left to simulate the part of the heading of the flag with the holes. This is followed by a one pixel thick vertical pixel line to simulate a shadow. Here’s an example I just made to illustrate what I mean.

Step 3: Save it out as a dds file of the same name “” with these settings. Make sure “generate MIP maps” is checked on or you will get an error where it will fade out to the original image the further away from the flag you get in game.

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  1. German Swastika, Japanese Rising Sun, All forbidden marks.
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