T18 HMC, New Tier 3 Arty (T18 replacement?)

Updated with higher quality pictures. Poor T18 🙁


HP: 110

Weight: 13,638 tonnes

Power-to-Weight: 19,21 hp/tonne

Max speed: 48/6 km/h

Hull traverse speed: 23 degrees/second

Turret traverse speed: 16,7 degrees/second

Terrain resistance values: 1,918/2,11/2,781

View range: 280 m

Radio range: 615 m

Hull armor: 50,8/31,8 mm

Turret armor: 50,8/50,8 mm

Price: 45.000 credits


Alpha damage: 175

Penetration: 38 mm

Rate of fire: 6,667 rounds per minute

Damage per minute: 1,166,7

Reload time: 9 seconds

Accuracy: 0,652

Aim time: 4,79 seconds

Depression: 8,3 degrees

Armor schematics:

More pictures:

6 thoughts on “T18 HMC, New Tier 3 Arty (T18 replacement?)

  1. Well T18 was an \”SPG\” as such. As the T57 tier II arty was a TD. So will they change both now or? Just the T18?

  2. Think you made a mistake one the weight of the tank, unless it really is 13k tonnes..

    1. Whoops, my mistake, forgot the comma and period were interchangable. Sorry, you were right. 13.6 tonnes is the same as 13,6 tonnes. Read it too fast.

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