Ishizuchi, tier IV Battleship Stats & Pics

With the Open Beta safely on course, we’re continuing to introduce Premium vessels into the Premium Shop. This time we’re looking at the Tier IV Japanese battleship Ishizuchi.

Named for highest mountain in Western Japan, Ishizuchi is a tier IV Japanese battleship. Considered to be a stepping stone to the Kongo-class vehicles, Ishizuchi was an early-1900s design with dreadnaught-era armament.

Compared to the battleship Myogi, Ishizuchi carries more turrets, though they’re only armed with 12-inch (305mm) guns. The modern design of the guns gives her more firepower than the Myogi, and a comparable punch to the American battleship Wyoming, but falls short in range of engagement compared to her peers. Extra survivability and above-average maneuverability makes this ship a great choice for players wanting some lower-tiered battleship gameplay.

Ishizuchi in a Nutshell
  • Fast and maneuverable for a battleship, able to dodge incoming artillery or torpedo attacks more easily than her peers
  • Sacrifices armor protection for speed
  • Vulnerable to air attacks due to a lack of proper anti-air defenses
  • Two extra main guns (compared to the Myogi) means more firepower and rate-of-fire, but that’s offset with lower penetration and range of engagement

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More pics: