Wargaming.FM WoWS Transcript

-No wipe will come after the Open Beta Test.

-We do not want mods that break the game. We are working to protect customers and are considering various options.

-There will be no special ship for participating in the OBT, but there will be several ships given for free at important events. OBT has just begun and we did not think about it yet.

– Great Britain, the USSR and Germany will get complete tech trees.

-The next tech tree will be the Soviet one.

-Ship models are made in a very high definition.

-Small stuff on ships (like in WoT) will appear.

-We will improve MM when we will get more data from the Open Beta.

– If you came to play ships you should forget that you are playing the tanks, this is a different game, tank habits hurt you, play in a new game, look at our tutorials.

-We are considering the option to change the contact with the edges of the map, including options when islands are touched.

-We have an understanding of WoWS CW mechanics;

– We have tried to create a unique gameplay for each class. We wanted to make the role of each class unique;

-It is too early to speak about a mobile WoWS game, the work is not underway.

-Initially, we concentrated on gameplay, but now the maps are more detailed, with vegetation and objects.

– Now we have a different approach to testing and to the OBT in particular.

-Maps are about 50×50 km in WoWS.

-Time period of the game: 1900-1950.

– We do not aim to bypass the tanks in popularity.