WG Bans Lots of Clan Members for „Alt Accounts” (NA)

Thank you GreyTuber for sharing this!

Incompetent chat moderators (ahem PrimordialSlime, Rhonico) banned lots of players from several clans (SHOJO – 30 players at the moment and other clans: D-O-S and MAHOU, RELIC, BT and others – BULBA escaped :P) for „alt accounts” In Greytuber’s words: A few of my clan members decided to post in general chat and some of them were poking fun at the moderators. This was frowned upon and they received respective chatbans. However, a handful of us simply either made a few non vulgar posts or to tell them to stop, and as a result we were all eventually suspended indefinitely for having “alt” accounts. Greytuber said 11 members were banned, including him, but other sources said over 30 players from SHOJO alone were banned. The disturbing fact is that almost none had alt-accounts, and the NA rules presented it as legal.

THOSE BANS ARE PERMANENT BY THE WAY. Also RO bans for lots of people who spoke about it on the NA forums. And Chat bans for at least half of Mahou.

Now those players (most of them who paid real money for in-game items) will miss the 4th July promotions they planned to make use of. Also their clans are really affected, losing HUGE chunks of players!

All forum threads on this subject were LOCKED, and a victim of this policy is LemmingRush, a popular NA streamer and community contribuitor.

WoTlabs rant thread (which I gladly reccomend): http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/20581-gg-wargaming-gg/&page=1

Also, check these locked threads out: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/forum/54-locked-thread-archive/