0.4.0 WoWS Patchnotes 2nd Iteration

Interface changes:

Fixed error that lead to line with NA indicator in the Result screen

Speed in ships characteristics in Port is not rounded off any more and is equal to numbers in battle

Fixed message text when it was impossible to automatically refill signals

Fixed error that lead to incorrect information on charges displayed in Results screen (without taking in consideration multipliers and modifiers)

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect prices color coding for research / purchase in upgrade tree

Fixed a bug that caused the icon of the elite ship not displayed on Results screen

Fixed a bug that caused camera in binocular mode to sometimes change direction without the participation of the player

Improved visibility of the modernization slots on the water as background Changed the icons in the ships upgrade tree

Fixed a bug that caused the teamkiller status not displayed when searching for division-mate

Ships and maps changes:

Fixed a bug that caused Main Guns to target ships out of Gun Range

Changes Zao: armor strengthened, increased speed and reduced fire rate compared to the previous patch

Changed aircraft groups for high-tier carriers

Fixed a bug that leads to an improved engine not affecting the speed of the ship

Commander’s skill “Manual Control” has been removed

Decreased AA middle-range aura strength for North Carolina

Deleted invisible obstacle in B3 and A7 sectors of Islands map

Other changes:

Fixed error that caused shallow visual artifacts to appear when switching to Tactical map

Changed torpedo trace visual effect settings

Changed smoke screen visual effect settings

Removed memory leaks in port

Fixed error that lead to client crash if player logged in via a different PC

Fixed error that lead to occasional client crash at the moment of destroying player’s ship