0.9.9 Test Patchnotes

The main change from supertest is that Wargaming added two new game modes: deathmatch (everyone against everyone) and “platoon deathmatch” (platoons against platoons). For the domination mode, following tanks were added: IS-7, Object 268, Leopard 1, T57 Heavy, Batchat 25

– Supertesters received following vehicles: M4A1 Revalorise, T28E with F-30, Object 777, Scorpion (German tier 8 TD)
– VK4502B was replaced by Mauschen, AFK Panther by SPIC
– 14 tanks were reworked to HD
– 18 tanks had their collision model fixed (bugs and such)
– STA-2, Type 62 and T-44-122 (supertester tank) were buffed

– Swamp and Highway were reworked in order to support active gameplay in the map center
– Reworked some of the destruction effects of some environmental objects

– The Bigworld engine was signifcantly optimized
– Old render water and lighting quality was significantly improved
– Added the TXAA anti-aliasing
– Improved the lighting model, metallic and matte surfaces now look more realistic
– Reworked the shadow render, improving both quality and performance, soft shadows added
– Added grass shadows, using new fast method of drawing them (screen space shadows)
– Optimized and improved post effects: bloom, god rays, lens flare. Bloom is now more stable, the flicker when moving camera was removed
– Improved the quality and performance of HBAO (SSAO)

– Fixed some of the freezes and crashes of the game client
– Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances guns with high penetration could not penetrate thin armor behind spaced armor
– Fixed a rare bug where a ricocheted shell under certain circumstances could end up inside the tank damaging modules or crew
– Fixed a large number of bugs and issues in team battle mechanisms