Yuri Pasholok Answers

I managed to translate some of them:

Do I understand correctly that Ob.142 is a modification based on the 140?

A: It is something between 140 and the T-54B.

-The Japanese have little and vague information about their heavies

Q: The in-game Leopard tanks have improved stealth values, is this based on real life or just a balance change?

A: It is a balance change.

Q: Is there any information about the Panther with a 150 mm howitzer in the turret? If there is, could it enter the game?

A: That is not a howitzer, but a sIG 33 Tank version.

-the T26E1 is the the early name of the T26E4;

-We would like to complete the research about the Somua SM.

-The Sturmtiger with an 88 mm cannon is a fake;