No European tree… but many others instead

As you can see, no unified Korean European tree will be made. But instead, there will be more national trees. This piece of information comes from Yuri Pasholok, official WG historian. He said a clear “no” when he was told about the unified EU tree.

Too bad. I wanted the Austrian Kuirassier and Romanian TR-580… 🙁 Also those hightier Swiss tanks that always make me drool…

Instead, you will have Italiano, Svenska, Ceskoslovensko, Polski and maaaaybe Magyarok trees.

Words from the devs:

Czechoslovakia is a separate nation.
Sweden will be a separate nation.
Romania is hardly drawn as a separate nation. Seb: NOOOOOOOOO DEVS MAKE RUMANIAN TANKS PLEASE!!!!!11 DO NOT MAKE ME CRY WG I WANT MY TANKS ASAP even if the ww2 blueprints were stolen by the Soviets IRL, glorious Yuri can find them!
Italy will be a separate nation. (Seb: of course :P)
Hungary as a separate nation – too early to tell (what a shame, they had beautiful riveted tanks)
Poles will appear somehow. (Seb: no matter what, they will appear else angry winged hussars will invade WG HQ in Cyprus 🙂 )

There will also be various, different consumables (Seb: hmmm so what would be in game for Romania? I want mici please 😀 )

Sorry for my reactions, but those news made me actually rage a bit.