Japanese Tier V Heavy Mi-To Model

Weight: 100 tonnes

Crew: 11 PEOPLE

Gun: 75mm Type 5 or 105 mm Howitzer
Penetration (for the 75 mm): 124/155/38
Armor values: 75/70/70

Engine: 550 hp double Spark (1100 hp)

This cute little tank is called Mi-To apparently, was developed in 1939 and built in 1940 as a single prototype. Even if it has 3 turrets, you can shoot only the main one… -_-

It is believed that the project was designed by Colonel Iwakura because of the defeat the Japanese suffered in 1939, during clashes with the Soviet Union (Nomonhan / Khalkhin Gol). In general, the heavy tanks were developed by Iwakura Hideo, a colonel.

Probable sketches of the tank:

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