Some stuffed-up news

Since I cannot translate properly these answers from Yuri Pasholok, I will summarize them:

-Matilda I will not come since it is armed with weak MGs.

-Christie tanks are very weak, like tier 2. Hard to implement since they are poorly armed too.

-E-50 is not completely fake, the rear transmission was planned, this is unique to the E-50 and E-75:

-Swedish tanks confirmed (EMIL 1951, AKV 151, Kranvagn) – but they will not be implemented all at once;

-Japanese HTs are up to 150 tons heavy;

-there is another heavy Italian project, called the T-39, it is unlikely to be implemented.

-Some Japanese tanks are riveted (early ones), some are welded;

-Chinese SPGs are similar to the Soviet ones too;

Q:Developers once said that there is a project of a French post-war tank with a 400 mm armor. Say what?

-Well, not 400, but like this:

Buffed AMX M4