New WoT Blitz Q&A

-Dimitry (Overlord) Yudo left the team that was developing the project World of Tanks Blitz at the end of May 2015. He held the post of General Producer. The mobile game „went very, very well”. According to a recent report, the number of fans of World of Tanks Blitz reached the mark of 28 million players in the first year. (Seb: actually I think less than a year passed since WoT Blitz was launched)

His words:

“After more than 2.5 years of developing the World of Tanks Blitz project, I decided to move to a new job.
I’ll deal with future developments at Wargaming (I can not tell names, sorry).
I hope we’ll see you again in new and no less interesting games. “

– Most likely Overlord will lead a separate development team, maybe for a new mobile game. But what game? Perhaps we are talking about WoWP to mobile devices …

Other answers:

-A new map will appear in 1.10;

-In the near future, we do not plan to release the game on Windows Phone;

-In the near future, we do not plan to introduce 9-1o tier premium tanks;

-We are not decided that we should or not implement voice chat;

-As soon as we have bonus codes ready, we will announce that;

-We have almost implemented bonus codes, it was not easy; it is necessary to negotiate with the platforms, they have their own requirements and wishes;

-A new nation will appear at the end of the year;

-Our biggest difficulty is to make camouflages work on most devices without sacrificing performance;

-1.10 will most likely not recieve camo schemes;

-SU-122-44 will appear later;

-There will be prizes in the future updates: 1.10, 1.11. In my opinion, all of them are interesting;

Other developer answers for WoT Blitz:

-In the near future we do not plan to add new premium tier 8 TDs.

-This year, no new medals will be added, but in the future more will come for sure;

-We plan to introduce new equipment in the future;

-The Bombardier medal was removed for „ideological reasons”

-We do not plan to change the maximum time for one battle, however we are closely looking at the statistics, and it is possible that in the future we may change it;

-The chat problems were corrected after the 1.9 patch;