Hakuryu is Coming

Hakuryu is being tested at the moment. Redditor calmon70 recieved this message:


Based on your achievements during the past month and your preference towards aircraft carriers, you were chosen for participation in special testing of high-tier Japanese aircraft carriers.

Soon an aircraft carrier that needs to be tested – Japanese Tier X carrier Hakuryu – will be gifted to your account. After the test is over, the ship will stay with you until the end of Closed Beta Test!

If you want to help us (and, hopefully, have fun), please participate in at least 5 random battles with Hakuryu – this is required for gathering valid data on her performance, durability and its correct analysis. Just play as you usually do, we are interested in as realistic data as possible.

Thank you for participation! WoWs Team”

Well, I cannot wait to see it!