RU Official Hotfix for freeze/lag in WoWS

(source: wows eu forum, Vulgarny – edited also by me to make it more understandable)


As probably most of you do not know, there is an official hotfix made by devs for the freezing problem (Seb: not the anime/manga) . While it is official on the Russian Forum for unknown reasons ( I can only guess after talking with RU developer that problem is lazy EU staff or something. Why? Because he directly answered that the release of it on EU server depends on the WG EU decision). On RU in an official topic Developers asked players to test that hotfix and provide feedback about it. On EU? Its top secret!


How to install

1.unpack rar

2. copy into Wows folder

3. execute customize.exe and pick option 1 couple of battles and see if there is any improvement

5. If you want to undo hotfix execute customize. exe and pick option 2

Maybe is time that people start asking why RU got so many things while EU does not? According to RU developers EU is independent and its their decision if they want to give this hotfix to the EU community.

Cheers and I hope that it will help some people (It did not work for me)

Also more official download links: