Important Q&A – CW 2.0

This is from a recent Wargaming.FM transcript:

-The last event of CW 1.0 will have as reward the IS-5;

-More news will come Monday;

-If everything goes according to plan, May 28 will be the the day of the first open test of CW 2.0;

-Statistics for CW 2.0 will be separate;

-After the release of CW 2.0, CW 1.0 will be closed;

-Development of CW 2.0 started over a year ago and it took into account the wishes of the players;

-Artillery barrage and Airstrikes perks will be in CW 2.0;

-The amount of gold recieved from a province will rise in time, to 300-500 gold.

-The provinces will yield different incomes;

-The profitability of one province can be increased by up to 10 percent;

Prepared by WoT express. There was more, but I could not translate it…