Mini Q&A

New info is one of the things I like the most. Let’s begin!

-The Domination game mode will last one month and will be released in the summer, it will be announced in the near future;

-Capture the Flag mode on Sand River will be removed;

-With this event we are testing garage battles and other features;

-Work on new weather and night battles has not begun yet;

-There is still a large number of tanks that will be rebalanced;

-We are working on historical battles and we understand that no one wants to play the low tiers;

-We will nerf normal shells and premium shells at the same time – it will be a complete solution. But this will happen in the far future;

-On May 11, there were 500.000 chat bans;

-We tested roaming, everything went smoothly, but we will not implement it for several, technical reasons;

-We are working on the 2.0 Chat.

-The new maps will arrive gradually – Berlin, Paris and Studzianki.