Italian WoWS Tech Tree part 12: Premium Battleships

Author: Daemon93 (WoWS EU Supertester)


IV: Dante Alighieri


The Dante Alighieri was the first dreadnought built by Italy. The peculiarity of her name is that she’s the only battleship named after a poet(other poets got “only” destroyers from the Oriani-class). She followed the Italian philosophy of speed over protection and, as such, she was lightly protected compared to the Cuniberti’s dreadnought. Compared to the older design however Dante Alighieri was much more armed: twelve 305 mm on a broadside compared to the eight of the Cuniberti’s and those guns were the newer 305/46 which were overall better than the older 305/40. The secondary armament was a mix of 120 mm and 76 mm. She served during WWI, without seeing much action. She remained in service until being stricken in 1928.

Technical data

Standard displacement: 19552 tons

Full load displacement: 21800 tons

Length: 158.4 m(water line), 168.1 m(overall length)

Beam: 26.6 m

Draught: 8.8 m(normal), 9.75 m(max)

Installed power: 32190 hp

Maximum speed: 22.8 knots

Protection: 250 – 76 mm(belt), 250 mm(main turrets), 100 mm(secondary turrets), 100 mm(battery), 280 mm(CT), 50 mm with 50 mm slopes(deck)

Armament: 4×3 305/46, 4×2 120/50, 12×1 120/50, 13×1 76/40


-1915: -13×1 76/40; +16×1 76/50; +4×1 76/50 AA

-1923: -8×1 76/50; +2×1 40/39

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