WoT Blitz 1.9 Update is Coming

Source: Russian portal

1.9 Release is coming and we are able to share bits and pieces of upcoming additions.

First and foremost would be the addition of a Second German Medium Line, 7 speedy new tanks with Leopard 1 at the top.

Additionally, new features include:

  1. Expanded After-Battle Stats Screen
  2. Increased credit earning and buffs to several existing tanks.
  3. Changed 2XP multiplier times.
  4. Extra features, bug fixes and more!

Stay tuned for exact release date!

From the Russian forum posts by devs:

Replies from the mods in the Russian thread:

  1. The fixes to the Stats screen include removal of the “Team Damage” line.
  2. No camo additions.
  3. No Android 5.0+ optimizations.
  4. Exact tanks to be included are Pz III (IV), Pz III/IV (V), VK 30.01 D (VI), VK 30.02 D (VII), Indien-Pz (VIII), Leopard PT A (IX), Leopard 1 (X)
  5. The blind shot confirmation sound will not be included back.
  6. Su-122-44 is the new Premium Tank to be added to the 1.9 store.
  7. MAUS will get a buff in 1.9