Mods 4 Pros: The Region Changer Mod (0.9.7)

This mod is one of the most awesome ones – it lets you change the server of the client, without downloading it all over again! I tried it too – to make some battles on my NA account – and it worked flawlessly! (Well, the ping is double but that is because of the long distance from here to NA)

Words from the Author:

It’s pretty self-explanatory… You select your World Of Tanks folder, then select the server you would like to play on, and you press “Change Server”.

If you would like to go back to your homeland server, press “Revert To Local Server”.

Note: this program doesn’t transfer your account to another server (it is impossible to do so). It just allows you to play on a different server, without being required to download the full client.

Download link:

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