Partial Q&A

Source: Anton Pankov

Translated by me (I tried to do my best). 🙂

-KV-5 will not be changed and was not changed.

-Implementing the Sturmtiger: it was not decided yet to be a TD or an arty, it has an 380 mm gun with very „wild” damage.

-Limiting the ammunition is one of the solutions to this problem, but there are other options too. Work is being carried.

-WG bans about 100.000 players every 3 days with the new ban system.

-Foch 155 will not change, maybe in the far future;

-Update 9.10 will be a very large patch, crucial for the game, it will appear in early fall;

-We have prepared a couple of surprises for the players, including new modes;

-AMX 65t is planned in a second branch;

-Havok did not entirely fail, but the big problem was the huge amount of CPU resources needed, making it impossible to implement for laptops;

-E-25 will not change;

-An anti troll-platoon system will be implemented (you cannot match a tier 1 with a tier 6 for example)

-There is enough Chinese arty to make a full line;

-Stalingrad did not turn out too good (Seb: I really hate that map)

-European Tech Tree will be made, but Swedes may get their own separate tree with all lines (LT, HT, TD, Arty). Italians – suitable too, but not so much.

-The render change from square to a circle will happen soon;

-There are plans for a second French branch;

-Waffentragers will be replaced by the end of the year;

-IS-6 will not be changed;

There is more. See you!