Panzer Front IS-152 Sculpture Pictures

Thanks to Alexey for translating this!

There was once an awesome game called Panzer Front. It had made up tanks which included the E-79. It also had a Soviet monster called the IS-152.

This tank was added to the first issue of Vycheslav Shpakovski’s magazine “MiniArt”, unfortunately it was the first and last issue. Vycheslav Shpakovski made tank model expositions popular. A model of this tank was made by Aaron Sheps. After that, this tank made it into Vycheslav Shpakovski’s book “Unique and Paradoxical Tanks”, where its images were drawn by Sheps.

It is unsurprising then, that this exotic machine was built more than once by tank modelists. Here is another attempt to build it, and a pretty good one at that:

Good night, folks!

5 thoughts on “Panzer Front IS-152 Sculpture Pictures

  1. Man I had totally forgot about that game. I still own it and its in the PS1 pile somewhere. Tho it had its fair share of strange playable tanks indeed. Like the Short bull that was almost an insta win.


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