WoWS game modes proposals

I love these kinds of ideas, so I thought they deserved a share!

Source: nuxes (Reddit)

-CV hunt – Each team has an AI carrier, with several squadrons of fighters flying CAP, no offensive power. The objective is to sink the enemy carrier while protecting your own. If the timer runs out, the carrier with the most hit points left wins.

-Bombardment – The defending team has a landmass along its side of the map with several dozen land targets, possibly including shore batteries. The attacking team must destroy a majority of the targets before the time runs out.

-Convoy Escort – One team has several AI ships that follow a set course. They defend the ships as they cross waypoints. The Opposing team is tasked with eliminating all the AI ships or killing all enemy players.

-Carrier Jousting:

Both carriers are placed 30km away, pointed right at each other. They are both going at 50% speed towards each other and have permanent rudder damage, so they cannot turn.

The goal is to kill the other carrier before he kills you, and before both of you collide.

-Similar to Bombardment but Landing Operation, Attacking Team defends Landing Craft/LSTs from Shore fire and the enemy team and the attacking team can win by either knocking out all the shore batteries or landing their troops to fill a meter.

-Survival. Survive as long as possible against endless waves of AI.

-Island assault. Attack a heavily fortified island, targetting specific defenses before marines can make their landing and seize an airfield that (slowly) launches non-stop dive bombers at you.

-Dodgetorp. With a BB, dodge endless torpedoes launched by AI carriers. Your goal is to beach your ship on an island in opposite of side of the map and fight as a shore battery until the end.

-Faction Battles, IJN vs USN. Royal Navy vs Kriegsmarine.. Would be imba but fun flavor matches.

Speaking of flavor matches, any form of Scenarios would be awesome. They’d be IMBA as all hell but you could make the side that tends to lose gain a bit more money and/or exp despite losing. Coral Sea, Midway, whatever you want.

-Run the Blockade:

One team forms the blockade while the other tries to escape. Team A is hold up in port and Team B forms a cordon around the port. The goal is for the Team A to try to escape past the line of ships performing the blockade and get to a rendezvous point.

Team A gets special items such as extra smoke or brief power-ups that temporarily boost speed and maneuverability. Team B gets extra scout planes and the ability to lay mine fields.

Now Team B cannot fire upon a ship until it runs past their blockade line. Team A has to get get a certain amount of ships past the blockade and to the rendezvous point before time runs out.

There is a historical event in WW2 that inspired this idea for this game mode: Battle of River Plate