TAP presents: Arcandian pixel tanks

Hi guys! Seb here. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I had to go to visit my family during Easter. Today I am going to post about something I really like: RP, art and tanks. These tanks were made (drawn) by AdmiralSerenity in order to protect his roleplay nation, Imperial Arcand. They were done in a really good manner, so I thought they deserve to get a share on this blog:

The Fortnum F1 Light Tank:

Fortnum P1b APC:

Fortnum F2 Medium Tank:

Fortnum A1b Medium SPG:

Fortnum M1 Heavy Tank:

Rapier Mk. II Medium tank:

My favorite: Fortnum H1 Super Heavy Tank:

Stiletto Mk. I AA:

And the last ones, the AUT-1 Series (Arcandian Universal Tanks):

I hope you like them! And, I forgot to tell you, Happy Easter! (yeah, I am an Orthodox Christian, sorry for being late)