April Fool’s on War Thunder – Mechs

Source: Mr. Tretiak

So April Fool’s day deals are always amusing. War Thunders are especially amusing, as they’ve added not one, but two special joke modes to the game.

One has you driving one of the American’s “Ghost Army” inflatable Sherman Tanks. They shoot potatoes and tomatoes at one another and use HP bars suspiciously familiar to those of us who also play World of Tanks. Amusing, to be sure, and titled “Unrealistic Mode”.

The other mode is made up of an alternative/completely insane history where there were walking battle tanks in World War II. You have to gather up some points, but it will let you pilot the walker once you have enough (which is pretty easy to do). You can also fly aircraft for an indefinite period of time.

The German version of the walker. It’s stupid and its fun.