Q&A 30th March 2015

Again thanks to Xerkics for the translation!

-Such a parameter as “MM weight” of a tank  which you can view in Tank Inspector does not affect whether the tank gets in one or another battle tier.

-The functionality of the correct awarding of excellence marks will be reviewed at a later date.

-The devs already have a target date set up for the review it is just that there is no time for it now as they are busy working on 0.9.7 stability – the major bug I told you about in the previous post;

-IS-5 will not be sold for gold in the future;

-It’s too early to speak about the fate of the FV4202. The devs will change the tank once everything will be done and there was an enourmous delay for months because they measured the tank in the Bovington museum.

– The sizes of E100, Jagdgpanzer E100 and Conqueror do not match with their real counterparts;

-You shouldn’t worry too much about the issues with the new BigWorld engine such as getting kicked out of the game and getting black screens because they will be fixed soon;

-The thinnest area in the front of IS4 turret is 285mm thick, the sides of the tank are not a problem so they will not be touched at all. The devs will solve the weak spot in the front (that is either the driver viewport or the bit on the roof – not specified;)

-Also, the track on the LFP will be a part of the collision model from 0.9.7, and therefore there will be 24mm armour added in the area covered with tracks;

-The Log™ will not act as spaced armour against HE.

-T54E1 in the game gets placed as MT not as a HT in the matchmaker because it has the body of the M48 and the definition of class in the game is conditioned by some factors.

-The main test is NOT used for the balancing of tanks.

-When balancing the historical characteristics of tier 10 tanks, premium shells are taken into account but do not count as a balancing parameter.

-There are no current plans to implement any changes to the names of the guns of the T-54 Light;