9.7 Official English patchnotes

Source: WoT portal

Iteration 2

Team Battle Changes

We are testing a revamped Team Battle mode that allows permanent teams. This means that a group of 4-12 players can play together on a regular basis, with their own team name and logo. In addition, these teams will be able to take part in Ranked Battles, which will be held between these permanent teams.

In standard Team Battles, the teams are balanced on the basis of individual tankers’ rankings. In Ranked Battles, opposing teams will be chosen on the basis of their team ranking (calculated by the team’s success in Ranked Battles), regardless of the statistics of individual tankers.

In Ranked Battles, players will know the map before the battle starts, and whether they are attacking or defending. During the 30 seconds before the start of the battle, players will be able to choose their tanks. If the list of tanks has not been finalised within the 30 seconds, the team goes into battle with the tanks from their battle room.

Fighting in Ranked Battles will give teams a chance to appear on a global Team Battle leaderboard. The leaderboard will be divided globally into six leagues, each with four divisions. Each division can have an unlimited number of groups. However, the maximum number of teams in a group is 50. (Click image to the right for a visual representation of the leaderboard.)

There will be a specific number of points needed in order to qualify for each division. To move from division to division, the team’s points will have to either exceed the maximum limit, or be less than a certain number (currently thirty). However, it is impossible to be relegated from the lowest division.

The leaderboard will run on a season-to-season basis. When a new season starts, the ratings of all teams are reset. The results of the previous seasons will not affect the next.

Details and terminology may change as work continues in the lead-up to the final release of Update 9.7. Stay tuned! In the meantime, please enjoy trying this refreshed mode!


  • Removed the Northwest map from the Random Battle mode
  • Fixed some clipping on the new Overlord map
  • Fixed the issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects
  • Fixed flickering of some objects when rotating the camera in the Premium Garage


  • Fixed positioning of Emblems on the T-15 German light tank
  • Removed changes to shell penetration and vehicle characteristics added in the first Public Test iteration
  • Fixed some issues with the visual model of the AMX 30 B
  • Fixed some issues with the damage models of the following vehicles: IS-5 (Object 730), Renault G1
  • Removed the new visual model of the SuperPershing in order to make improvements to it
  • Increased profitability of the following special vehicles: Object 907, М60, VK 7201, T95E6


  • Fixed many hangups and crashes of the game client
  • Optimized performance of the game client on some PC configurations
  • Optimized performance of some special effects
  • Optimized stability of game servers
  • Fixed issue with felled tree trunks not being transparent in some cases in the Sniper mode


  • Fixed many issues with the new features of Team Battle mode
  • Fixed some issues with the new Chat features
  • Improved hit and penetration marks on vehicles
  • Fixed some issues with interface scaling
  • Fixed issue with unavailability of the 15th Personal Mission