World of Warships optimization

Many people are aware that currently, World of Tanks doesn’t have multi-core support hence some users are getting lag spikes on $ 2.000 PCs while trying to run the game.

Yeah, you guessed it – World of Warships: optimization strikes again. All Wargaming products (well, almost – since WoT: Generals is a browser game) use the BigWorld engine, which has shown its age on multiple occasions – most of them when it involved optimization.

Now, I’m not saying the frames I’m getting are crap and make my game unplayable – actually, the performance on my average machine is quite good /AND/ on decent graphical settings. Although, things could be improved with the introduction of multi-core support.

Here’s a chart that ranks the game performance of a wide range of Intel-based CPUs that function with a nVidia GeForce GTX 980 model. Click on it to zoom in.


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