9.7 AMX 30B First Impressions

Source: Reddit, as seen in a thread by backjacker


Not bad, the RoF is noticeably slow, especially coming from an STB player. Gun has pretty good dispersion/handling stats. It will go where you aim, and combined with the good shell velocity, leading targets even 500 meters away wasn’t hard. Gun is really good.


I was really disappointed. The traverse doesn’t look bad on paper but I think the soft stats made it bad. It’s way more sluggish than the STB, I don’t think I ever hit the top speed on flat ground.


Just like the STB. Your turret can bounce lucky shots (provided they don’t laser your tumor) but don’t rely on it, or your hull.

These were my impressions.

TL DR; medium with gun of a Leopard, survivability of the STB, and mobility of the E50M.”