Free teamspeak servers for WoT

Source: Reddit, gamersvoip

„I am providing any community, guild, or clan who needs a teamspeak server with one that will be free FOREVER. I have done this for over 300 gaming communities from Tera Online, Minecraft, WoW, League of Legends, Dota, PlanetSide, and many others. They are hosted on dedicated sever grade hardware with a gigabit connection. You get full access and permissions with it, so it is completely yours. Also i provide full service along with the servers. We have locations athroughout USA, Australia, and central Europe. If you have any issues feel free to contact me at any time. Head over to the website and fill out a teamspeak application and you will receive your server shortly. Before you order a server you should read our feature list, that comes with every server. And we do have a few rules.

Features: 24/7 ticket support teamspeak 3 control panel. You can stop/start your server. You can reformat your server if it gets out of hand. You can even make backups of your server. And tons of other stuff!

Weekly server wide backups. And awesome stable 1000 mb/s connection! Our Rules. Please fill out the form completely. If you just type one word of half a sentence we will most likely flag it as spam.

You can only have one server from us. We give you tons of slots, you don’t need to request 20 servers with 10 slots. if you ever need more slots just let us know.

If you have a very small group of people, you can use our public server for small groups. filled with private channels and gets the same support as the rest of our servers if any thing needs to be dealt with

Last rule. If your server is going to be inactive for a while, please let us know. We have a lot of people who just log on to their teamspeak and set it up then never log into it every again. It just wastes our server space D: So come get a server today!

Website :

Free Public server :

Contact us : Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We want to update our F.A.Q so any question is welcome.”

TAP note: We tried it out. It works decently.