US Army Air Force Film (1944) about camouflage.

Here’s a period film by the US War Department for the US AAF. It was produced by Disney (who did training films and propaganda during World War 2 for the US and Canadian governments) in 1944. It’s about camouflage, specifically for US AAF concerns about camouflaging airstrips and equipment, but it covers a lot of the basics that the US Army used during the war, regardless of the branch of service. Pretty neat stuff! What’s more, due to it being animated, it’s all colour.

[archiveorg id=Camouflage1944 width=640 height=480]

Keep in mind it also fulfilled propaganda requirements, so some of the content may be considered… racially inconsiderate by our current standards of what’s appropriate. Just keep in mind this was a product of its era and it’s circumstances.

The film is part of a free archive and it’s pretty neat that things like this are being preserved after the end of the war in digital formats.

Source: Mr. Tretiak