WoT developers Q&A 09/03/2015

-the 9.7 test server will come soon, in the near future

-it is likely that the T-34-88 (T-34-85 with the German 8,8 gun) will appear on the PC platform sooner of later

-two more options of physics will be tested in the future, one consisting of simplified physics and the other of realistic physics. The second test has the realistic version, with some modified coefficients.

-in the first motion physics test, the AMX 13 90 could climb some abrupt hills, while in the second test that was not possible anymore – the dev team will take a look into that

-there is a possibility for the matchmaker to be rebalanced – for example, vehicles that have battle tier 9 won’t be matched with vehicles that have battle tier 11

-Tanks bounce like balls when they hit each other in the test (Seb: seemingly having some sort of perfect elastic body) because energy loss on tank collision was not implemented yet;

-Friendly fire is turned off only during the test;

-Flying off the ground when the tank is turned upside down and with the tanks rotating is a bug that will be fixed.

More will come later, but have an epic gifv for now: Insane KV-2 accuracy