Wargaming.FM transcript

So, this one’s about World of Tanks Blitz. Community manager Daria Klimchuk went on a visit to WG.FM and revealed some upcoming features of the game.

-work on the clan system has begun, they estimate to release this feature early in the summer

-fortified areas (or strongholds) are planned to be added in the game

-they’re working on adding another nation (it’s secret)

-the KV-2 (along with the howitzer) and KV-13 tanks will be added soon

-game optimization on Android devices planned for 1.8 update

-introduction of ‘special’ platoons up to 3 members available only to clans

-there are currently no plans on adding open test clients for updates

-missions will be added in the 1.8 update (up to 9 tasks per day)