WoT – Karl-Gerät mortar

Official Sandbox #2 Info

After introducing a lot of massive changes all at once in the 1st iteration, we collected and analyzed your feedback. This time, we’re taking a more “compartmentalized” approach and continue fine-tuning features that showed good results during the previous test. We’ll cluster the changes into two phases, each with specific “packs” of changes for you to test:

  • Phase 1: Armor penetration and accuracy mechanics; normalizing damage values of overpowered and underpowered guns
  • Phase 2: All-round work on artillery

The first phase begins January 19.

Shot distribution within the aiming circle

The reworked system makes hitting weak spots at range more difficult for guns with bad dispersion (0.4 and up), while aim time, armor, and gun stabilization become more important.

With fewer shots clustered around the center of the aiming circle, the number of “unbelievable” shots (hitting weak spots without taking full aim, or on the move or at great distances) is reduced. This also increases the overall survivability of well-armored vehicles (and their ability to bounce rounds):

  • Faster-aiming vehicles with decent dispersion cement their role as effective long and mid-range warfare masters
  • For less accurate guns, or when firing with high dispersion, the chances of successfully “snap-shotting” a target at long range decreases

The aim of this change is to balance tanks with either high alpha or high DPM.

Today, tanks that rely on DPM (standing and shooting) have a disadvantage. They have to stay at the line of fire and expect to get shot at in return. But this isn’t as frequent with high alpha damage vehicles. They can get out of cover, quickly aim, fire, then return to cover relatively risk-free.

We’re trying to make these types of tanks equally viable—compared to now, where a battle with alpha strikers doesn’t feature much action, and a battle with DPM dealers is chaotic and mostly unpredictable.

It’s for you to tell us if we made the right call.

Revised alpha damage

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Supertest: New Tier IX Lights Parameters

Some stats were modified:


Penetration: 220 (+5) / 248 (-17) / 50 mm

AMX 13 90

Penetration: 205 (+35) / 248 / 45 mm
Magazine reload time: 23 s (-7)
Reload time (between shells): 2,2 s (-0.3)

RU 251

HP: 1400 (+50)
Penetration: 215 (+25) / 250 / 102 mm

T-54 ltwt.

Penetration: 208 (+28) / 235 / 50 mm


Penetration: 212 (+27) / 250 / 45 mm

WoWS: MrConway on Arpeggio Ship Compensation


As you know, you currently do not receive any credits when receiving a duplicate Arpeggio ship, this is intended and will not change.

However, as we appreciate that effort should be rewarded, every Arpeggio ship you earn a duplicate of will reward you with an additional port slot immediately that is yours to keep!

In addition we have received some messages about Arpeggio content that is in the game client, but not part of our current mission set. Since we don’t want the enthusiasts and collectors among you to miss out on any content, we have a solution!

After the end of the current Arpeggio missions, any players that either finished a duplicate mission or earned either Takao or Nachi, will receive the three missing avatars (Iona, Chihaya Gunzou and Yotaroh) and the Arpeggio flag. 

Sandbox #2 Patchnotes (Phase 1)

Off-topic: sorry everyone for not being able to post too much, I was very busy.
Phase 1 Overview
We’re currently testing gameplay tweaks to create a better gameplay experience for well-armored, slow vehicles. Present gameplay mechanics cause them to camp or hang back despite their large HP pool and armor, acting more like tank destroyers. With the current game balance, these vehicles rarely make it to the 1st line of fire because their thick armor offers little protection from long-range shots.
To get them more involved, we:
1. Revised shot distribution within the aiming circle: fewer shots clustered near its center
2. Tweaked penetration loss over distance mechanic: pen values of AP and APCR shells begin decreasing at 50m (instead of 100m); AP shells have 82% of the initial penetration at 500m (APCR have 77%)
3. Reduced excessively high alpha damage of high-caliber guns
4. Balanced the underpowered 120 mm guns by increasing their alpha damage
You can play tier X medium and heavy tanks, TDs, and artillery, along with three tier VIII light tanks. Every vehicle has a Crew trained to 100% in their Major Qualification, and enough Crew XP to train three extra Skills/Perks.

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