Widepark in HD – Video

Coming in 1.2 along with Highway.


Chimera: Second Operation Missions

PS: There are no gold rewards, only credits.

Union-1. Make It to the Podium Be among the top 3 players on your team by experience earned. Destroy an enemy vehicle / capture the base / defend the base (when playing for defenders in the in Assault mode).



Survive the battle.



Bloc-1. Just Routine Cause 6 000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles.



Be among the top 3 players on your team by experience earned.



Alliance-1. Invisible Contribution Cause 30% of the total amount of damage caused by your team. Destroy an enemy vehicle / capture the base / defend the base (when playing for defenders in the in Assault mode).

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Shop 2.0 – recovery of premium vehicles

Soon, World of Tanks will receive a small update that will introduce changes to Shop 2.0 and solve several problems, according to rykoszet.

On August 20th, the World of Tanks shop changed: initially, only its appearance was changed. Before the release of the shop, it was planned to expand the list of functionalities, but the implementation of too many ideas at once could significantly complicate the mechanics and adversely affect stability. That’s why it was decided to choose simplicity and reliability by implementing only the basic set of functions and expanding it in subsequent versions.

Now that basic functions are available, WG intends to add some new features to the Shop, including a premium and rare vehicle recovery system.

In order to recover the premium vehicles that were sold, you will be able to go to the “Vehichles in garage” section of the store and open the Recovery tab , where you will see a list of vehicles that can be recovered as well as the information that you need. If you have such vehicles, you will have access to the recovery menu from the garage. The number of vehicles that can be recovered will be displayed in the bottom-screen list of tanks (carousel), next to the “Buy a vehicle/buy garage slot” box. In turn, rare vehicles can be restored from the Depot level.

This is the first of several changes that will expand the functionality of Shop 2.0.

WG Game Center Q&A by Sub_Octavian

PS: He says the old launcher uses more resources than WGC, but in fact it does not, because it closes when you play, instead of WG Center which stays running in the background like a parasite until you manually close it.

I see you are discussing the recent news about Wargaming.net Game Center, and I see a lot of questions. I also see some opinions about this software that might have been relevant before we did our homework, but not that relevant now. I have a short FAQ for you. I also suggest you read a newly-published article on our portal.

Being a gamer myself, and dealing with 5-7 different launchers/platforms on my PC, I fully understand your concerns about the “forced” switch. So here, I’m only asking for a bit of attention, as I believe this information may give you better perspective on what is going to happen. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them here. If not…well, at least I tried and gave all info. Let’s go!

Why do you make everyone use Wargaming.net Game Center instead of keeping the old launcher for those who enjoyed it?

The issue here is that Wargaming.net Game Center and Legacy launcher, while serving the same purpose, are different independent pieces of software. Each of them requires independent support and maintenance, and, while we maintained the Legacy launcher before, it’s a constant additional workload that could be focused elsewhere to improve the game or services. Wargaming.net Game Center provides better features and control for the players, and also can be used as a hub for all Wargaming titles. We and other teams are allocating our efforts to it, so Wargaming.net Game Center only will get better.

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