Update 1.12.1: New Style Sets

During the third Common Test of Update 1.12.1, several new styling sets were added. Probably dedicated to the Asian server.


Style treated as non-historical, valued at 1,250 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.


— An all-season style inspired by Korean pottery art.

Traditional Korean Celadon has unique decorative elements. It is created using a unique technique of inlaying patterns on the surface of the celadon, known as Sanggam in Korean, that was developed in the 12th century. Korean potters engraved the surface of the celadon piece with the pattern and filled it with different colored clay to decorate it. Once the pieces dried out, they were covered with a celadon glaze that consisted of plant ash and finely crushed porcelain stone. The chemical composition of the glaze contained a small amount of iron oxide that created an unusual green tint after the pieces were fired. Continue reading “Update 1.12.1: New Style Sets”

WoWS 0.10.3, Axis vs Allies event

Postponement of the Axis vs Allies event.


Based on testing results and thanks to your feedback, we have decided to move the temporary Axis vs. Allies event from version 0.10.3 to a later update, in order to implement the necessary improvements and fixes.

We will post more details on the battle type and its future fate in the Development Blog when more information becomes available.

Thank you for your active participation in the testing and see you in battle!

WoWS Update 0.10.3, High School Fleet

New content dedicated to the next stage of partnership with High School Fleet was added into the game.

In honor of the new stage of partnership with High School Fleet the following items will be added to the game:

  • Japanese Tier VIII destroyer HSF Harekaze II, which was initiallty tested as Arashi.
  • Japanese Tier V battleship HSF Hiei, which is similar in parameters to Kongō in the top configuration;
  • Permanent camouflages: “M119” for Yamato and “S120” for Musashi.

Continue reading “WoWS Update 0.10.3, High School Fleet”