Update 1.17: Release Date

According to our colleagues at wotclue, the introduction of the new update in all regions is scheduled for:

ASIA: May 30;
NA: May 31;
EU: June 1;
RU: June 1;

For this reason, two new mod folders will be created: ./mods/1.17/ and ./res_mods/1.17/.

Warhammer 40,000 Is at the Heart of Battle Pass Season VIII

Season VIII of Battle Pass, running from the beginning of June through the end of August, will bring the grim darkness of the far future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe to World of Tanks.

Completing the Chapters of Season VIII will bring iconic characters from the grim dark future to your side as tank commanders. The fates of these commanders are bound by an action-packed story revolving around a legendary technological artifact of a bygone age known as a Standard Template Construct (STC). The commanders’ adventures and martial prowess will inspire you in battle, and their weapons and accessories will adorn the 3D styles inspired by the three Warhammer 40,000 factions they represent.