WZ-111 – 44.08 € – Advent Calendar Day 14


The WZ-111 is a Chinese heavy tank that puts its focus on mobility and rate of fire. This makes it a strong choice against both heavy and medium tanks if played correctly. However, compared to its brother, the 112, it features thinner armor, and even with the pike nose angles it’s not as strong. Focus on dealing damage instead of taking it.

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War Thunder – Light Tank Rework

Thin armour, weaker guns and a limited crew is no longer an excuse! The most vulnerable vehicles will now have much more opportunity to turn the tide of battle or gain more rewards!

We plan to add several key features for the lightly armoured vehicles at ranks II-VI, these will not only bring more tactical diversity but will also allow them to be on par with other vehicle types and significantly improve teamwork in War Thunder.

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