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WoT Q&A – Slava Makarov 21.05.2018

Source: Rykoszet

Q: A few words about the KV-5?
A: The tests are just beginning, so the changes aren’t final, but we want old prem tanks to be competitive, and the KV-5 is the first step taken in that direction, so we hope it will have a warm reception. Tanks with limited MM have a very negative influence on the current balance.

Q: What next with the KV-2 (R) and the W40K universe?
A: WE wanted to make a unique camo scheme, something really outstanding and cool. Something that will be unique, so it will have to cost a bit. We’re analyzing the data from this experiment and we hope for more tanks with unique camos. We picked these two tanks because they sort of look like from Warhammer , but then we noticed the KV-2 really looks like its universe counterpart. We decided to make it another tank.

Q: What about prem tanks?
A: People look at stats more than ever. For example, when the Type 59 was released and people noticed how OP it is, they bought it en masse. By the way, I can tell you can expect something nice in the tech tree soon.

Q: About patch 1.0
A: Visually the new patch is excellent, but the maps had to be changed a bit. Initially I was against any changes to the arenas, but people urged me to try. A new wave of changes is coming. Currently, Ruinberg is a big sore spot for me. We experimented with the timing, and it seems we found a solution, but it also made the map even more unbalanced. We have to wait for a new version. We have a system to monitor times and winrates for each base, which helps us fix a lot of issues. 

Q: About Province
A: I agree with people who don’t want it on high tiers. Our current goal is to improve details. We have a plan, a list called WoT 1.5, where we want to fix all errors  and add new stuff, which couldn’t make it to WoT 1.0. Specifically, it’s the interface, maps, pref MM and low tier rebalance.

Q: Right, lower tiers?
A: There are issues, it’s not a secret. We have big plans, but no details for now. Everything will take a bit of time to iron out.

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24 May: World of Tanks 1.0.1_6 Micropatch

NA (no info for the other servers yet):

Micropatch will be applied at:

World of Tanks NA – 04:00 AM (Central Time) May 24th, 2018

• Fixed the issue when the vehicle tier icon disappeared in the Frontline mode when selecting another vehicle in the Garage.
• Fixed the issue related to improper display of textures on some objects in the Frontline mode.
• Fixed some technical issues.

Downtime: is planned about 45 minutes

Planned restarts on this day will be cancelled.

Murazor Demoted from Balance Dept.

Apparently Murazor has been demoted from the WoT Balance Department and will now work as Slava Makarov’s consultant of R&D (however will be a subordinate to Slava). The balance department is led by Yuriy Filipovskiy who is quoted in WG clips as “Lead Balance Designer”.


Rumor has it that Murazor’s stance to the community (as an example; see his latest Q&A) was not appreciated by Wargaming, which led to this decision.

Murazor has made himself famous with statements like:  “Heavies shouldn’t be able to be penned frontally”.

Let’s hope that no future Obj 268 V4s will be allowed into the game!