WoWS Dev Diaries: 0.8.4


15 New Flags – – WoWS

15 New Flags were added as part of patch
Flags New

Yukikaze – Azur Lane collaboration flag for the T8 premium ship Yukikaze

Montpellier – Azur Lane collaboration flag for the T8 premium ship Montelier

World of Warships Legends – Flag related to the warship legends videos, not sure how you acquire this flag, I will update this post when I find that info.

Privateers – Flag that is awarded to Privateers, a new program for supporters of the WoWS community without being content creators.

Metal Blood, Iris, Eastern Radiance, Eagle Union, Northern Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire, Vichya – Flags which are part of the Azur Lane collaboration.

Honor, Victory, Glory – Flags earned as part of the Friendly Victory competition event in-game, also known by players as the Honor and Glory competition.


World of Warships Legends launched…

…10 days ago. It’s in early access though.

Wargaming is happy to announce that World of Warships: Legends is available in early access on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for free download by players.

Over 50 ships reconstructed with attention to historical details. Destroyers, cruisers and battleships are waiting for your orders. Navigate over 15 maps and enjoy beautiful lighting effects in HDR. Over 20 legendary commanders will help your units develop their full potential.

World of Warships: Legends is not a simple port from the PC version. The title has been prepared from scratch for the current generation of consoles and uses their power and unique capabilities.

Battles are faster and more dynamic, the commander plays a greater role and his development, the interface and controls have been modified. Players can expect regular game updates in the future, with new nations and ships, new maps or full 4K support on PlayStation®4 Pro and Xbox One X this summer.

“We are pleased to introduce World of Warships: Legends to veterans and new players on consoles,” said Kirill Peskov, director of development at Wargaming St. Petersburg. “This is our second title, our title on consoles and its quality is a confirmation of the talent and passion of the creators. We hope players will travel with us on this journey!”

World of Warships: Legends is available in Playstation and Microsoft stores.


New Captain, New Map, New Ships, and More! WoWS 0.8.4+

Sub_Octavian shared this info through stream today with femennenly, all content I am sharing here is subject to change, no confirmed dates, just is the likeliest possible patch that any of this new content could arrive.

Admiral Nikolay Kuznetsov

Nikolay Kuznetsov.PNG

This new soviet commander shall be akin to Admiral Halsey and Admiral Yamamoto. He will however not be earned in the same manner of having an entire campaign dedicated to acquiring him. WG wants to test a new method of in-game tasks that may be easier then those campaigns, no details are given as to how this new system may function, just that it is a test bed for future commanders to be earned in the future.

His Talents are Hidden Reserve and Will to Win. Hidden Reserve functions in the same manner as it does for Yamamoto. Will to Win is a new tallent unique to this commander, designed to be easier to activate talent then the other admirals. Upon your ship HP dropping below 10%, a Damage Control Party is activated, dispersion of enemy shells is increased by 20%, and a repair party repairing 7.5% per second is activated. All 3 effects are active for 30 seconds, and only activates once per battle. No consumable charges get spent.

Unlike all the other special commanders in the game, Kuznetsov only has 1 enhanced skill instead of 2. Jack of all Trades, consumable cool down is reduced by 10% instead of 5%
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