WoWS: Clan Battles Salamander Season – new ship restrictions

See what new restrictions we’re applying to the ongoing 20th Clan Battles Season.

Based on analysis of battles as well as player feedback from the current Clan Battles season, we decided to make some changes to the ship limitations in place.

The following changes will take effect on the 15th of March:

  • Removed the total limit on X Kléber and X Marceau (or combinations of both). Now, one team may not have more than one X Kléber and one X Marceau
  • The limit on the number of battleships in a team reduced from 2 to 1.

WoWS: Balance Changes – Public Test 12.2

We’re applying balance changes to the following ships based on the analysis of both their combat statistics as well as player feedback: hybrid ships, Agano, Cherbourg, Fenyang, Maestrale, Aviere, Adriatico, Cavour, Nino Bixio, Kotovsky, Incomparable, Álvaro de Bazán, and Tromp.

Hybrid ships

  • IX Kearsarge, IX Kearsarge B, VIII Tone, and VI Ise will receive Depth Charge Airstrike with standard stats for the relevant ship type and Tier.
    • They also have access to the Airstrike Modification 1 upgrade

V Agano

  • Fixed incorrect torpedo damage
    • Torpedo damage reduced: 20,967 to 17,233
  • Main battery reload time reduced: 9 to 8.5 s.

VIII Cherbourg

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WoWS: New Ship Distribution Methods

Details about which resource some upcoming ships will become available for.

In the coming Updates, you will have the opportunity to anchor several new ships in your Port for free. We’d like to tell you what in-game resources some of them will be available for:

  • American battleship Illinois will become available for research points.
  • American submarine Gato will become available for steel

Details concerning the cost of these ships and their release dates will be published on our portal at a later date.