WoWS ST. “Convoys” Game mode.

There will be a test of the “Convoys” game mode in the near future.

We tested several variations of this mode in 2019:

  • Both teams escorted a bot ship to its destination following a fixed route.
  • One team defended the convoy and the other team attacked. Then the teams switched roles.

Now, the teams do not switch roles, and the convoy consists of several transports.

The “Convoys” mode is asymmetrical: one team escorts a convoy of transports and the other team attacks. The defending team wins if it leads at least one transport to the end of the route or destroys all attacking ships. The attacking team wins if it sinks either all transports or all combat escort ships.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. Source: WoWS Devblog

WoWS ST 0.10.5, “Grand battle”, disabling of friendly fire and other news.

Closed testing of Update 0.10.5 begins: “Grand battle” event, disabling of friendly fire and other news.

Grand battle

A new temporary type of battle awaits you: Grand battle. Its main feature will be superbattleships – ships that hypothetically could exist if naval doctrine had historically continued the trend of using artillery ships instead of giving preeminence to aircraft carriers.

In Grand battle there will be two superbattleships:

  • Satsuma — a project based on battleship Yamato with an increased main caliber up to 510 mm guns in four twin turrets.

  • Hannover — a version of the project “H-42” with 483 mm artillery in 4 twin-gun turrets and a secondary battery replaced with 128-mm universal artillery.

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WoWS ST 0.10.5, new ships

British Tier VI battleship Repulse and European Tier X destroyer Ragnar were added to the game for testing.

European destroyer Ragnar, Tier X

A large postwar destroyer with long-range “cruiser” artillery consisting of four 152 mm guns in two turrets.

In addition to the effective artillery, the destroyer is distinguished by her high number of hit points and powerful AA. However, the ship lacks the torpedo armament.

In the fight for key areas, the destroyer has an imposing presence thanks to her “Surveillance radar” and “Repair party”, but her high detectability and lack of a “Smoke Generator” encourage a cautious approach. As for damage dealing, the best tactic is to open fire from a long distance. Avoid the focus of enemy fire — it’s better to choose either lone targets or ships that are already engaged in a firefight with your allies.

British battleship Repulse, Tier VI

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WoWS: Update 0.10.4, balance changes

We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on testing results. The changes will be applied to Dutch cruisers, Constellation, Yukon and Weimar.

Dutch cruiser Kijkduin, Tier VI

  • “Airstrike” parameters were changed:
    • Maximum range of operation increased from 9 to 10 km.
    • Bomb drop time reduced from 10 to 8 s.

Dutch cruiser Eendracht, Tier VII

  • “Airstrike” parameters were changed:
    • Size of Attacking Flight increased from 6 to 8 planes.
    • Bomb drop time reduced from 10 to 8 s.

Dutch cruiser Haarlem, Tier VIII

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