WoWS ST 0.10.1, the “Italian battleships” event, Clan Battles, updated Brawls, and other news

Closed testing of Update 0.10.1 is starting: Early Access to Italian battleships, Brawls update, 12th season of Clan Battles, and other news.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game’s website.

Italian battleships. Part 1

In Update 0.10.1, Italian battleships IV Dante Alighieri, V Conte di Cavour, VI Andrea Doria, VII Francesco Caracciolo, VIII Vittorio Veneto and IX Lepanto will appear in Early Access.

Branch features:

  • SAP shells instead of HE shells. They inflict high damage on weakly and moderately protected targets and ship parts, but do not cause fires.
  • A large number of guns with quickly turning turrets, a relatively short firing range, and not very good accuracy.
  • Decent concealment, maneuverability, and armor.
  • “Exhaust Smoke Generator” among the consumables of tier VIII-X ships, which will allow you to hide from the enemy without sacrificing speed.

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WoWS ST 0.10.0, changes to test ships, German battleships, and commander skills

We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on testing results. The changes will be applied to Italian battleships and Vampire II. There are also changes to the updated skills for aircraft carriers and cruisers, as well as to the secondary caliber guns of German battleships.

We’re making changes to some skills based on the results of the 0.10.0 Public test.

Aircraft carriers:

  • “Enhanced Armor piercing ammunition” (announced as “Piercing armament”): bonus to damage of AP bombs and rockets lowered from +5% to +3%;
  • “Enhanced Aircraft Armor” (announced as “Senior aircraft armor specialist”): reduction of AA shells explosion damage reduced from +33% to +25%;
  • “Proximity fuze” (announced as “Ruthless”): torpedo protection damage reduction lowered from -15% to -10%.


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WoWS: Commander Skills Update

From WoWS Portal.

World of Warships is constantly evolving. New mechanics and ships with unique gameplay appear in the game on a regular basis. To ensure that Commander skills correspond to the current state of the game, we’re carrying out a large-scale update by adding new skills and changing the old ones.

Changing the Commander skill system will make it more flexible and convenient, and give you a choice between several effective loadout options instead of one ultimate go-to option. This will enable you to customize your ship to more precisely suit your playstyle. In addition to updating the Commander skills, we’ve revamped the interface and made it more comfortable to use the Commander system, as well as retrain and level up Commanders.


  • We’ve added new skills and changed some of the old ones.
  • Each Commander now has a separate skill section for each ship type. The skill section corresponding to the played ship type is active in battle.
  • As skills have become more specialized and their total number has increased, the maximum possible number of Commander skill points has been increased from 19 to 21.
  • We’ve added a skill recommendation system depending on the selected ship.
  • Commanders with less than 21 skill points will additionally bring you Elite Commander XP in the amount of 5% of the Commander XP gained per battle.
  • We’ve added a new method of obtaining Elite Commander XP—by demobilizing unused Commanders.
  • We’ve revamped the interface of the Commander skill, recruitment, re-assignment, and dismissal system.

With the release of Update 0.10.0, all skills will automatically be redistributed using a recommendation system. This will give you a standard ship-specific skill build in the new system. You can take advantage of the opportunity to reset Commander skills free of charge in Update 0.10.0. Make sure to try out different combinations and find the ones that suit your playstyle!

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