WoWS – Submarines: results of testing in Random battles and further plans

We would like to share more information about submarine testing, to comment on their current status and results of changes in more detail, and to share some future plans with you.

Brief summary:

  • The changes made in 0.10.10 and 0.10.11 (splitting subs’ torpedoes into two types and changing the torpedoes’ guidance) have improved gameplay and the interaction of the new class with surface ships;
  • Even taking into account the lifetime of submarines, which is comparable to destroyers and cruisers, other indicators of subs’ combat effectiveness are significantly inferior to other classes;
  • Since 0.10.10 the average damage caused by submarines has decreased by about 25%;
  • We will try to find other ways to increase the influence of submarines in combat, but we will not completely rule out the possibility of improving their torpedoes if other options will be ineffective;
  • While in 0.10.9 submarines were close to destroyers in terms of spotting damage, now new class is roughly comparable to cruisers in this regard;
  • Submarines at Tier X currently have roughly the same popularity as aircraft carriers, but slightly less so at VI and VIII Tiers. We do not expect a significant change in popularity at Tier X, but we can expect a small increase at lower Tiers;
  • Based on the results of the 0.11.0 Public Test, we realized that the planned changes do not lead to the desired result – submarines remain insufficiently effective compared to other classes;
  • We have decided to temporarily stop testing submarines on the main server in order to prepare additional changes. From version 0.11.0 until the beginning of 0.11.2 submarines will not be available on the main server. In 0.11.2 we plan to resume submarines testing with additional improvements to their mechanics.

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Wargaming plans to recover 8 million euro from a cheats website

Wargaming demands through the court the recovery of 670 million rubles from a cheats maker.

The “Cyber Tank” case has reached court, details have emerged, and the story itself has been made public in the federal media.

A precedent has been set in Russia for bringing to criminal responsibility any unauthorized interference (with the help of malware) in the gaming computer industry. Such popular online games as World of Tanks and World of Warships were hit by the alleged attacker. For several years on his website, Yekaterinburg native Andrey Kirsanov, according to police, managed to sell thousands of packages with bots and cheat programs that allowed users to gain unfair advantages over other players. The damage caused to the creators of the games is estimated at 670 million Russian rubles ($9,095,536).

The Cheremushkinsky District Court of Moscow has begun considering a criminal case against Yekaterinburg resident Andrey Kirsanov, accused of creating, using and distributing malicious computer programs (Part 2 of Article 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). This case is a precedent for Russia. In any case, before that, no one was brought to criminal responsibility for unauthorized interference in the gaming computer industry. Basically, according to this article of the Criminal Code, the defendants had to be responsible for attempts to hack the logins and passwords of users to log in to various Internet resources with the help of malware. In cases of this kind, the defendants managed to avoid real criminal responsibility — consideration in the courts ended, as a rule, with a suspended sentence or a fine.

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