WoWS Q&A with Sub_Octavian

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Final Readers Digest

Readers Digest of the last reddit QnA with Sub_Octavian and his team. For reasons of readability – and where the wording of question or answer allowed it – I shortened each question and answer. The full length posts can be found following the link to each question. If not noted otherwise, questions have been answered by Sub_Octavian directly. Are multiple questions presented in one post, I’ll link the source with the first question. Also I skipped questions regarding WV that Sub already answered (in this QnA – where in most cases he only answered: Replied above).

Also: This with this QnA I wasn’t able to read along as the QnA happened on only got around to look at it, after it was already finished. So there’s a chance I might’ve missed a question. In case your question is missing, let me know and point me to it in the QnA.

Enjoy reading.


Question: Muting a players messages in a battle should also mute that players voice-commands?

Answer: Sorry for not paying enough attention to this in the past. What you’re saying sounds perfectly reasonable to me and to a few other devs I shared it with. I will try to push it to the improvements list. Thank you!

Question: What is the reasoning with naming the down tiered A hull of Colorado West Virginia and not Maryland? Everyone that has asked for West Virginia has been wanting the 1944 refit version, and not the old hull from Colorado. Any explanation would help a lot!

Answer: There is no particular reasoning, just our plan to “fill the slot” with old fit version. However, we’re aware of the feedback like yours and right now are discussing how to proceed with the ship.

Question: Port interface, option to dismount all current signals at once?

Answer: I am really sorry, but I don’t have any updates on presets/mass operations yet. It’s certainly being considered, but that’s it for now.

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2 New Flags for – WoWS

Only 2 new flags were added this patch.
Flags New


-DMM Games: This is the logo for the DMM Electronics company, which also happens to be the publisher for Kantai Collection, future collab coming soon?

-Borgogne: This is a special flag for the upcoming “Borgogne” a T10 french reward/free xp ship currently being supertested, (Improved Alsace)

WG Game Center Q&A by Sub_Octavian

PS: He says the old launcher uses more resources than WGC, but in fact it does not, because it closes when you play, instead of WG Center which stays running in the background like a parasite until you manually close it.

I see you are discussing the recent news about Game Center, and I see a lot of questions. I also see some opinions about this software that might have been relevant before we did our homework, but not that relevant now. I have a short FAQ for you. I also suggest you read a newly-published article on our portal.

Being a gamer myself, and dealing with 5-7 different launchers/platforms on my PC, I fully understand your concerns about the “forced” switch. So here, I’m only asking for a bit of attention, as I believe this information may give you better perspective on what is going to happen. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them here. If not…well, at least I tried and gave all info. Let’s go!

Why do you make everyone use Game Center instead of keeping the old launcher for those who enjoyed it?

The issue here is that Game Center and Legacy launcher, while serving the same purpose, are different independent pieces of software. Each of them requires independent support and maintenance, and, while we maintained the Legacy launcher before, it’s a constant additional workload that could be focused elsewhere to improve the game or services. Game Center provides better features and control for the players, and also can be used as a hub for all Wargaming titles. We and other teams are allocating our efforts to it, so Game Center only will get better.

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