WoT Generals – Update 0.5.2 Patch Notes

Release: 22 Sept. 2015

Changes in the PvE training campaign (based on feedback from playtests preceding the release of 050):

  • Prevented accidental clicking on NPC messages: after a message is displayed, it cannot be removed by one click for a short period of time (0.5 sec)
  • PvE mission can now be started by clicking on respective map region or by pressing the “Battle!” button
  • Roman numerals on flags on the campaign map have been replaced by Arabic numerals
  • Splash screens reporting vehicle types: the layout has been changed and the texts have been reduced
  • Mobile: sequence of missions on the map has been visually changed (this has already been done in web-version 0.5.0)
  • Web: the layout of text messages from NPCs has been changed (this has already been done in mobile version 0.5.0)


  • The mechanism for adding an extra 15 seconds to the turn timer after every action performed has been removed (Even though the feature is appreciated by players who tend to surf through adjacent browser tabs during the battle, it significantly increases the average battle duration)
  • Firepower and Hit Points (HP) icons have been improved on small and medium card views (for better readability)
  • Mobile: “thinking” animations have been added (the opponent fingering through the cards while thinking during their turn, provided the opponent is really doing something and has not quit)


  • Correct rounding of Premium Account timer. Example: now the timer will not display 23 hours right after purchase of 1 day of Premium Account (as it used to be)
  • Mobile: animations for switching between the game screens have been improved
  • Web: layout of the application download screen has been changed (so that the progress bar can be seen without scrolling even on low resolution displays)
  • Mobile: login screen background has been changed

Technical issues (invisible for players):

  • Now during PvE campaign all steps are logged in details and sent to BI (viewing each NPC message and the key game events inside the mission)
  • Mobile: switched to the newest version of the DAVA engine
  • Integration (technical): switched to CentOS7, with possible transfer from worldoftanks.x domain zone to wotgenerals.x domain zone (important for FB sharing)
  • Chat (feature/technical): switched to global WG chat

Bugs fixed:

  • Staged Awards are now displayed in the “Summary” and “Awards” tabs in the personal file immediately after being received.
  • HQ card abilities in your hand are no longer marked as blocked, if the HQ complies with the card’s ability.
  • A card deck with an empty name can no longer be saved.
  • The cost of the 11th Squadron HQ has been brought into compliance with the cost of the other Tier 4 HQs.
  • The cost of the “Frontier guards” squad has been brought into compliance with the cost of the other Tier 7 cards.
  • In the 7th mission of the PvE campaign, the missing reply for the German general has been added.
  • Now in the 5th mission of the PvE campaign the screen with the Tank Destroyer description is displayed only when a Tank Destroyer is deployed. Otherwise no description is displayed.
  • Orders that return a card to the hand now cancel the effect of the “Together We Win” order.
  • The images of nations’ flags have been removed from the following orders in your hand: Emergency Reserve, Emergency Resources, Emergency Support.
  • Absence of the potential opponent’s balance range on the opponent search screen has been fixed for the cases when the opponent is found instantly.