WoT Supertest: SU-122V Detailed Stats

SU-122V (USSR, Tier-9, TD, premium, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension activated by a button)
The SU-122V has been in development at WG for a long time, like many other tanks that have not yet been tested in WoT. Therefore, it makes no sense to say who took the model from whom. The tank has been under design by WG since the spring-summer of 2023. Continue reading “WoT Supertest: SU-122V Detailed Stats”

WoT: Object 452K False Advertisement

The gun mantlet is clearly advertised with 500+ mm armor and that it cannot be penetrated.
With the supposed “fix” this night, the bugged 300mm mantlet was only increased to 400mm though.
400mm can be penetrated by a lot of TX gold shells (every shell with 320mm or more can roll that with +25% RNG on the penetration).