Bofors Tornvagn: The Bulletproof Viking

A mighty and menacing Swedish heavy tank is raiding the Premium Shop for the first time since Holidays Ops 2022. The VIIIBofors Tornvagn has the blessings of the Norse Gods—and everything else you could ask for.

Add it to your collection and save up to 30% with the Ready for Battle bundle, which includes everything you need to loot the enemy base.

Bofors Tornvagn Offers

Battle Pass: Season VIII

Note that: This article is based on the official RU Battle Pass article, EU has not received the properly translated script yet.

Season VIII of the Battle Pass is about to begin. And this is the best time to replenish your supplies! The rewards of the new season will become more practical, for the first time there will be free experience among them, and the number of bonds will increase significantly. And, of course, this season there is a place for beauty  – you can get three commanders who will lead your vehicles to victory! But that’s not all, the “To Battle!” event, which has become part of the Battle Pass, will help you complete the progression of three chapters faster.

Battle Pass Season VIII

Available from the Beginning of June through August 31 03:30 (UTC)

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WoT 1.17 Common Test “Soaring Dragon” Style

CN server exclusive style for the Dragon Boat Festival event.

“Soaring Dragon” Style
An all-season style that can be received during the Dragon Boat Festival event.
Element Characteristics:For all map types; Non-historical; Unadjustable:
the option to make adjustments will become available after receiving the first progressive decal.
Suitable for Vehicles: For all vehicles

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In Development (WoT)

List of possible future projects of the game:


  • Waffenträger auf. E100 has been reworked in HD quality, has 2 variations on the supertest (one nerfed, one as we last saw it), and now in a Game mode called The Last Waffenträger.
  • Chieftain Mk.6 tests are stopped. No more informations about it.
  • The Object 780 is currently on the supertest.
  • Object 279’s internal tests stopped.
  • The Cobra is currently on the supertest.
  • The Object 259A is currently on the supertest.
  • The TS-54 is currently on the supertest.
  • The FV4201 Chieftain Prototype is currently on the supertest.
  • The Gonsalo is currently on the supertest.
  • The Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1964 Vipera is currently on the supertest, as the first Italian tank destroyer.
  • Italian Tank destroyer line was unveiled (Tier V : Semovente M41, Tier VI : Semovente M43 Bassotto, Tier VII : Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1956, Tier VIII : Controcarro Mod. 67, Tier IX : Controcarro 1 Mk. 2, Tier X : Controcarro 3 Minotauro).
  • The TL-7-120 is currently on the supertest.
  • The K-91 Version II is currently on the supertest.
  • (outdated)The lorraine 50T is currently on the supertest.
  • (outdated)Premium shell rebalance is being tested on the sandbox server.
  • (outdated)Artillery shell rebalance is being tested on the sandbox server.


  • Fiery salient, Mittengard, Sacred valley, Stalingrad, Swamp, Windstorm, Winter himmelsdorf and Winterberg are currently out of the map rotation and will maybe be rendered in HD quality, but it’s not a priority.
  • Currently on Supertest : Lillehammer, Japort, and some other ones.
  • Minsk is currently on rework in supertest
  • Snow Resort is currently on the supertest.
  • Winkelburg is currently on the supertest.

Game Modes

  • “Historical Battles”, work has paused, low-priority.
  • Work in progress on bots. Is planned to introduce bots in some other modes, for example in “Historical Battles” in low tier mass battles.
  • (not sure about that) – Steel hunter has become a permanent game-mode with several rewards available.
  • (outdated)Art of Strategy mode is currently released on public servers.

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Frontline Returns for Its First Launch in 2022!

In 2022, Frontline will no longer be tied to events or Stages. Instead, it will be launched at the end of each Battle Pass Season, so you can earn even more credits and Progression Points. The first week-long launch awaits you from May 23 through 30. Let’s see what it brings!

Frontline 2022: First Launch

May 23, 2022, at 06:00 CEST through May 30, 2022, at 03:00 CEST (UTC+2)