WoWS Closed test 0.11.1, new ships

Source: WoWS Devblog

Japanese cruiser Maya, American aircraft carriers Hornet and Yorktown, as well as two new superships – british aircraft carrier Eagle and American aircraft carrier United States are added to the game for testing

Japanese cruiser Maya, Tier VII

A heavy Takao-class cruiser. In the midst of World War II, it underwent a refit, during which one of the main caliber turrets was dismantled and anti-aircraft artillery was significantly strengthened.

The cruiser is armed with eight powerful 203-mm guns that have high accuracy and chance to cause a fire by HE shells, but low firing range. She also is equipped with four 610-mm quadruple torpedo tubes with wide aiming angles, and high torpedo damage, and speed.

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Under the Hammer – Official Info

Source: EU Portal

From January 14–19, you will have a chance to receive very rare vehicles for gold or Free Experience. For this, you’ll need to make a bid at a special auction and win.

Over a period of five days, the auction will sell several exclusive vehicles—and they can all be yours!

Under the Hammer!


January 14 at 10:00 CET (UTC+1) – January 19 at 10:00 CET (UTC+1)


Friday, January 14 at
01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET
Wednesday, January 19 at
01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET


January 14 at 17:00 UTC+8 – January 19 at 17:00 UTC+8

How It Works

1. From January 14 through January 19, visit the new Under the Hammer! section in the in-game Store, or take a look at the pop-up in the lower-right corner in the Garage.

2. Every day at 10:00 CET, a new lot will be displayed there. You will see how many items are available, as well as the lot’s starting price in gold or Free Experience.
Remember: If the cost is specified in gold, Free Experience is not accepted, and vice versa.

3. Make a bid that you are ready to pay. This amount will be deducted from your account.

4. Only one lot will be available for Free Experience during the auction. If an item is sold for Free Experience, you will see a competitive bid when the number of bids on it exceeds the number of items. What is it? As many highest bids are accepted as there are available items: the one in the middle of this list is the competitive one. If you make a competitive bid (or even outbid it), you can count on winning the auction.

The competitive bid is dynamic and is updated every 10 minutes. The last update is 10 minutes before the end of the auction. Along with the competitive bid, you will also see the total number of participants applying for the vehicle.

5. Bids are accepted until 06:00 CET of the next day after the announcement of the lot. Until that time, you can change your bid as many times as you like—you can even cancel it. If you cancel a bid, the gold/XP will be returned to your account. Bids will be returned and lots will be credited to the auction winners within four hours after the end of accepting bids.

6. The number of winning bids is determined by the number of available items. If the number of highest bids exceeds the number of remaining vehicles, the earliest bids will be given priority among others of the same value.


If the auction participants made 1,000 identical winning bids and only 300 vehicles are available, the earliest 300 bids will win.

7. The winners receive their goods. The rest of the auction participants receive their bids back in full.

8. Vehicles won in the auction are non-refundable.

Update Price changes for some vehicles

In Update, the gold prices of some tanks have been changed:

113 Beijing Opera:

  • Removed the “Special” and “Tested” status;
  • Tank gold price changed from 25000 to 5.   AMBT:

  • Removed the “Special” and “Tested” status;
  • Tank gold price changed from 100 to 9850.  Object 268 Version 5:

  • Removed the “Special” and “Tested” status; WT 12:

  • Vehicle added on all regions;
  • Exclusive for the Chinese server.

Update “Lunar Tiger” Style Set Pictures

This is what the Lunar Tiger style set looks like, added in Update Style treated as non-historical, valued at 1750 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

– Multi-season style designed to celebrate the Lunar New Year, China’s traditional spring festival.

“It hovers among the stars – an ethereal spirit shining in the sky, the eternal guardian of peace and silence. There is no gaze warmer than the one he gives us from above. And there are no gentler steps than the ones with which she graces us in dreams. A defender in leather woven from the gleaming moonlight. Keeper of balance, her totem. Everything will be nice and peaceful as long as he stays there – as long as his soft paws tread on the clouds. “ Continue reading “Update “Lunar Tiger” Style Set Pictures”

Update Object 268 Version V – Changed Stats Object 268 5. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Gun: 152 mm M-53

Rate of fire: 3,40   3,19 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 551   2 395
Damage per minute with HE ammo: 3 741   3 512
Reload time: 17,64 s   18,79 s
Aiming time: 2,59 s   2,88 s

Aim spread:

  • during turret rotation: 0,16   0,20;
  • during turret rotation at the maximum speed: 3,00   3,75;