12 thoughts on “WoT – New Crew Perk System

  1. Is this a joke? WG with an actual good change???
    How is this even possible???

    1. Then they will need to make 10+ perks for each Major Qualification instead of the current 9 to make them more of “choices”.
      Then that will lead to more balance issues of perks being OP or useless.

      That will cause much more headache because even with the system that they have presented in their vid, some perks are already looking pretty useless and some others are absolutely must-have.

      Plus, extending the progression only harms newer & casual players.

    1. What the hell is so pay to win about this, anyway ?! You complain just for the sake of complaining.

  2. Does it really need to make 10+ skills instead of 9? My concern is that the only class of tanks that will not be burden with choosing from this skills will be heavies since they do not need camo skill. Lights, meds and TDs would must have BIA, repairs and camo then chose 3 other skills. They will still be somewhat overburdened. The drivers especially, would have to chose from so many good skills…

    I don’t know why you worry so much about the headache. It is just a crew skill system, is not like sending rockets to the moon.

    Maybe WG should reduce the progression too, since they limited the skills you can have on a crew.

    1. It won’t make any difference to most players.
      We’re talking 5% skill increase on crews for players who have win rates of 43%
      For better players these % increases are more important to worry about.

    2. LTs/MTs have been stressed with Camo since the beginning. But this is not the reason why the cap should be higher.

      The goal of this new system is to make every perk except for universal perk (BiA, Repair, Camo) a choice.
      That’s why it allows only 6 out of 9.
      With 1-zero-perk crews, you need to train only 5 perks. That’s the best thing about it. The progression is still by no mean short if you don’t have books and zero-perk crews, but it’s way easier for everyone.

      The new system is not perfect. There are still problems but we can only hope for even better changes.

  3. It just feels tone deaf. There’s so many more pressing issues that need to be addressed first.

    For example, changes to shell pen/damage rng shouldnt be a perk, it should just be straight changed to a +-15%. No one wanted two perks to give a combined -18+20%

    Perk to increase shell velocity by 10% only benefits thanks with very good velocity, they should look to buff the slower velocity guns instead of it being a perk.

    Buddy perks that need you within X distance of teammates will always be bad

    I don’t think this will kill the game like Crew 2.0 would have, but it’s really not what people wanted right now

    1. Absolutely, but a good change is a good change and we should take it.

      My guess is that they have been messing with the crew system for so long that they simply don’t want to give up.
      This is the 3rd time they try to revamp the crew system, and this time it looks good.

      Still, WG will take forever to make balance changes, because they’re very busy making loot boxes.

      MM is what needs to get completely rework the most, but unfortunately, I don’t see that happens anytime soon.

  4. My son was playing the game and another player shot and killed his tank. There was a high pitch shriek, a grunt or a noise. His eyes went back. He was rigid and then he was floppy. He wasn’t normal at that point.

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