4 thoughts on “WoWS – Heroes of Might and Magic III in World of Warships

  1. Tbh… Not a single WG product should be named next to HoMM 3 any time… HoMM3 is a god tier game, and any WG product is a piece of shit.

  2. It’s fine for WG seeking collab with a big name.
    But for Ubisoft, nostalgia doesn’t work in this case.
    Heroes 3 rests in our hearts forever. Trying to squeeze money from its name after 2 fcking decades is so disrespectful for both the original creators and us the players.
    It’s even worse than what Blizzard has done with War3 Reforged.
    Blizzard actually made a new game, although the game is so fcking shit, at least it’s playable.
    This is just some useless stuffs made specifically for money grabbing.

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