16 thoughts on “WoT – Crew: Massive Interface Improvements


  2. how many years have to pass until we can use crews for multiple tanks? how is it so fucking hard to implement, crew retraining cant be that fucking big of an income since books and retraining orders and so many free crewmembers

      1. It is stupid that you grind a line of tanks, and when you get to tier 10, for some bizarre reason, your crew “forgot” how to drive the previous tanks.

          1. No. I don’t want to grind crews for every single tank that i have. Or pay to buy crew books. Like i said , you don’t know your own interest, sonny boy .

            1. Don’t like the game then fuck off. It’s not that hard. But you come here to cry and we laugh at you lol

    1. You guys keep making stupid complaints and comments about one crew team into three tank when you once again opposed crew perk rework. So this will never come

      1. Yes, that was really dumb. That would have been a good change, for everyone. Especially for f2p players . But people are dumb and don’t know their own interest.

        1. Not really bothered. I don’t need all my crews to have 10 skills like some quickybaby cúnt.

          Three crew books gets me just under 2 skills which is fine too start with.

          1. Good for you, if you don’t want to have it easy and want to spend your credits. I want to have it easy and have a crew for 3 tanks. If it were by me, i would make it so that the crew you grinded a line can drive all the previous tanks.

            1. This “ONE INTO THREE TANKS” changes are not coming because you guys opposed Crew perk rework..You guys did want the 2019 version because it limits people skills to 6 now you guys dont want this version of crew rework because people can get super powerful for having more than 6 skill with honestly the community complaints about this should be ignored….and update crew perk rework

              1. I’m not “you guys”. To me the crew rework was almost perfect. They just had to fix the issue with the small crews with multiple skills per crewman . It wasn’t that hard to do it, is not like they had to send rockets to the moon.

  3. So long as they donnae reset the crew skins again.
    I donnae want to spen hours removing all the black crews

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