6 thoughts on “WoT – Update 1.22 Common Test: A New Branch, a Big Rebalance, and Much More

  1. LOL, they admitted themselves that they intentionally don’t address the Chieftain & 279e’s problem fully =))))))))))
    Hell yeah, we definitely should be extremely hyped since we now can claim that they intentionally manipulate the entire WoT community with their “half-way balancing tactic” after pissing off a lot of people with their milking sessions =)))))))
    But as somebody said “something is better than nothing”, we have no right to complain since the patch does address some of the issues.
    Or, you can still say “WG sucks” then WG fanboys will jump on your head and call you a fcking bitch just like what Blizzard fanboys are doing whenever someone says a bad thing about Diablo 4 =)))))))))))

    1. Can’t we be somewhere in the middle of all this? Your options don’t leave much room for moderate takes.

    2. @azianbuttboy

      Why not just remove yourself from the game instead and make everyone happy you useless fucking cúnt

    1. I agree, that the Leopard 1 is better in every single way than the Concept No. 5, but this doesn’t make the entire line bad. The mid tiers are quite interesting wtih their low alpha and high rate of fire, for once the tech tree tier 8 (Saladin) is better than the premium counterpart (GSOR 1010 FB). It’s only in tiers 9 and 10 where things become meh.

      And hate me if you will, but I think the British wheelies should’ve had 2 driving modes (similar to the french wheelies), BUT with medium tank stats. This would’ve made the whole line unique and the Concept 5 not flat out worse than the Leopard 1.

      1. I think that would make it a little to close to the cs 63. I wouldve loved to see it before it had its camo nerfed, wouldve made it a lot sneakier and given it a seperate niche between scout and med. I agree that as it is its a worse leo 1, though it’s not bad by any means. It’s just undesirable because its stat for stat a worse leo, it needs a differentiating factor to separate their roles.

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