5 thoughts on “WoT – Chieftain Proto: The Guide

    1. WG doesn’t nerf premium tanks, they don’t want to deal with community backlash and issue refunds.

  1. How to play Chieftain

    find ridgeline
    shoot at stuff (remember to load gold if you’re a WN8/moe shitter)
    repeat until the match is over

    Also applies to every single hulldown tank in this game, but details.

    1. remember when HE derps and Arty countered camping? well thats why they existed long ago… to counter this shitter gameplay.. miss em now dont you?

      1. I remember, and I miss them. I love hulldown heavies and I felt it fair when I was invincible but SPGs hard countered me, it meant I had to be wary and could not get complacent.

        The “70% majority” however said otherwise, and look where we are now.

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