6 thoughts on “WoT – It’s Time to Return to World of Tanks!

  1. If WG sincere and want players to return they should focus on balancing tanks because no one sane enough having lets say 9-10 old tier X tanks that are now useless will try to grind the new lines to be competetive again better not to start at all
    People should want new tanks for the different plays style or just to complete collection not because the tanks they worked so hard to grind are now useless
    By the time I grinded progetto it became bad it wasnt op at all but now useless same goes for amx m4 54 it needed a nurf but they overdid it became worse than what it was before the buff
    Are u for real WG who is sane enough to grind again anything
    I will play what I have no more grind…sure this will make me feel bored I already have and eventually will quit ofcourse

    1. It would be a good idea to completely remove Chieftain & 279e from tier 10 queue. These tanks should be tier 11+.
      But why? It doesn’t make any profit so WG doesn’t give a fuck =)))))))))

  2. More like “It’s time to return to the grind”.
    There’s a grind fest going on and it’s called Mars something.
    Let us give it a few rounds and take another break til another similar grind fest gets introduced.
    Stats padders like me care only about Exp equips/components at this point =)))))))

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