WoT: Do You Want Team Battles to Return or Not?

Team Battles or Onslaught?

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Team Battle was introduced to the game on 08/11/2013 with the 0.8.9 update and got discontinued on 11/07/2019This unique game mode allowed you to build small teams of 5-7 members and engage in highly competitive skirmishes with other similar teams.
Today’s equivalent of it is Onslaught which isn’t exactly what a competitive game mode in World of Tanks should be. Filled with Role Skills, Objectives on the map, and increased HP of tanks are distorting this game mode.

A little flashback to the past

Main Characteristics 

  • Maximum match time is 10 minutes.
  • Only the ‘Standard’ battle type is enabled in the game mode (no ‘Assault’ or ‘Encounter’).
  • For the time being, only the following maps are available:
    • Lakeville
    • Abbey
    • Prokhorovka
    • Mines
    • Ruinberg
    • Steppes
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Ensk
    • Cliff
  • Tier restriction: I-VIII.
  • In order to participate in battle, a team cannot exceed a tier points value of 42 (Tier I tanks cost 1 point, Tier II tanks cost 2 points etc.)
  • A standard team has 7 members. It is possible to participate with 6 or 5 members per team, but the tier points limit will be set in such cases to 41 and 40 points respectively.
Interface navigation

Finding a team

Team Creation

Permanent Teams and Ranked Battles

With the release of Version 9.7, it was possible to create a permanent team to participate in Team Battles. This meant that a group of 4-12 players could play together on a regular basis, with their own team name and logo.

These teams were be able to take part in Ranked Battles, which was held between permanent teams only.

In standard Team Battles, the teams were balanced on the basis of individual tankers’ rankings. In Ranked Battles, opposing teams were chosen on the basis of their team ranking (calculated by the team’s success in Ranked Battles), regardless of the statistics of individual tankers.

In Ranked Battles, players knew the map before the battle started, and whether they were attacking or defending. During the 30 seconds before the start of the battle, players were able to choose their tanks. If the list of tanks has not been finalised within the 30 seconds, the team went into battle with the tanks from their battle room.

The Leaderboard

By fighting in Ranked Battles, teams appeared on the Team Battles leaderboard (as long as they met the requirements to do so).

The leaderboard was divided globally into six leagues, each with four divisions. Each division had an unlimited number of groups. However, the maximum number of teams in a group is fifty.

A specific number of points needed in order to qualify for each division. To move from division to division, the team’s points had to either exceed the maximum limit, or be less than a certain number (currently thirty). It was impossible to be relegated from the lowest division.

The leaderboard ran on a season-to-season basis. When a new season started, the ratings of all teams did reset. The results of the previous seasons didn’t affect the next.

23 thoughts on “WoT: Do You Want Team Battles to Return or Not?

  1. Rubbish game, uninstall and don’t give them money! This is the best you can do!

    You forget that WG canceled Team Battle mode because everyone earned credits there instead of Random mode! Although many people like it, it goes against the WG Random mode!

  2. Not interested in either shitty mode. Just make frontline a separate mode or game and we can fuck off random battles forever

  3. Is this article sponsored by WG? If not then I’m quite surprised that such a stupid question being asked.
    Either Team Battle or Onslaught, these modes suck a massive pp and should never been introduced.
    What we need is our game getting FIXED.
    When the game is worth playing, playerbase will grow, then they can sell whatever they want as long as their shits won’t break the game like WoT Plus and “Rework crew shitstem”.

  4. After all your travels, Father Lucci…you`ve reached these conclusions?

    l have, Your Eminence.

    You have no doubt, no doubt whatsoever, regarding the signs?

    No doubt at all. They were not signs. My brothers, all these things l saw were of the natural world. There have been no miracles. These were not signs of the Apocalypse.

  5. Even though you could grind silver in stead of losing it in Team battles, tier VIII balance is so fucked I’d take onslaught any day of the week.

      1. @Tajj7
        Useless people like you shouldn’t be allowed to speak or think. You’re the reason why the world is the way it is. Less people like you and we would all be better off.

  6. Team battles were nice back in the day. However, nowadays with so many OP tier 8 premiums, it will just be awful to play if you don’t have BZ-176, Skoda T56, LT-432, EBR 75 FL 10 and so on and so forth. That’s why I’d prefer Onslaught in 2023

  7. i honestly don’t care, ranked, onslaught, team battles, all are dead/ toxic modes where teamwork is just as in randomes, NONE EXISTANT

    1. Yes because players are trash. Good players are the tiny minority.
      80% of players are under 50% win rate and just don’t care. They are fools in thinking that the latest op premium will make them better.

  8. Lol honestgaming going red in the face about retraining orders
    It’s 12 for the common test not 12 for the change to live 🖕🏼

    1. He’s a literal retard who doesn’t know if he’s a male or female. So ignore that freako

  9. i play only randoms, here and there few battles, when new branch shows up (to get back my senior technical engineer) or battle pass is active. Dont care about the rest.

  10. NO. This would just dilute the number of players on NA even more. What’s needed is for them to work on fixing the current game or at least actually try. Random battles is WOT. They should bring in Frontline more often though.

  11. I’m not sure if I can afford another subscription. I have too many onlyfans to pay for already 😟

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