22 thoughts on “WoT – Experimental Equipment

  1. This is the stupidest most asinine thing War Gaming and it’s criminal band of developers could have done. I mean, it’s not like there are more important things to work on like: Game Rigging, developing a creditable and efficient Match Making System instead of this current BS, Game balance, and many many more things. I think Victor and the crew have absolutely gone money hungry and will stop at nothing to totally screw over their player base, while driving us off.

    1. What they should have done was do a crafting system..

      Class 1 set creates level 1..
      Junking class 1 to 3 gives 10 to 100 parts.. Useing them to upgrade the experimental equipment.. No need to do events.. Just get/buy equipment.. From depot.. Simple.. Equipment can be stacked with this including the turbo charger… And other equipment.. All other equipment that cant be used on spgs and tds with experimental are allowed to be used.. Which weren’t allowed orginally.

      See how easy that was wg?

      1. i agree but they (WG) dont want easy, they want you to grind in specific timed events so you get hooked to the game instead of enjoying it.
        Sadly but WOT is not offering fun anymore just fomo and adiction

  2. “Driving us off” – for a 12 year old game, it is still going pretty strong.

    Your post is like all those on the forums who “never will play again.” But if you watch them, their # of games has magically increased when they post their next “never again” whine.

    Game balance and old maps are problems. They can do more than one thing at a time!

      1. He isn’t whining about whining. He is identifying that special class of clown who bleats about “greed” and how the game is dead, often between 6 to 10 years.

    1. I was a 10 year veteran player with a 2k overall wn8. I was good. Really really good. I quit over 2 years ago and I’m never going back. I only stop by sites like this and the forums to just get a good laugh at all the cope you people still have lol.

      1. Me too. I enjoy reading just how ruined this game has become. Although I do play front lines.
        I guess I could sell my account eventually. Get some money back lol

      2. Wait. You are so bitter about a VIDEO GAME that after two years you comment on it? You really can’t find anything better to do?

  3. This game is doomed with another level of complexity and monetization. 😵 The writing is on the wall.

  4. well, my main concern is: how will we actually get those “components” you need to improve the new exp. equipment. I don’t like being forced to play events, I would otherwise not play at all.

    in general, the idea sounds neat and IMHO not really OP. it gives you more freedom of fine tuning your tank, though some choices look more obvious than others.

  5. Fake news – nothing in the game and no missions. What a surprise. Every single time WOT manage to fuck up every event.

  6. Its not fake news. they pulled the missions out after 1 day. Some got the equipment, actually multiple in my clan did. The missions arent visible to me

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